Two Teenagers Charged With Murder Being Tried As Adults

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(Memphis) Seventeen-year-old  Martiness Henderson and Walter Collins are no longer considered juveniles in the eyes of a Shelby County judge.

Claiborne Ferguson is defending Henderson in court.

He said, "There were tears on both sides."

The two, along with 21-year-old Brandon Vance, are accused of killing a man and stealing his car in March.

Wednesday, they learned their case is far from over.

The three made an appointment to meet Larry Wilkins at midnight to look at his 2006 Ford Mustang, which Wilkins had posted for sale on Craigslist.

Wilkins was later found dead, and his car was found near Frayser.

Even though Henerson and Collins were 17 at the time of the murder, they will be charged as adults.

Claiborne Ferguson explained, "We learned that the juvenile defendants have basically confessed to being involved in a crime. We obviously will continue to fight that and make sure they were given truthfully, and voluntarily."

Police say Henderson admitted pulling the trigger, but his lawyer says the law may be on their side.

Ferguson said, "The Supreme Court of the United States has said you cannot give a life sentence to a juvenile.  The only sentence for first degree murder is a life sentence. So we will be fighting whether or not this sentencing is constitutional.

Lawyers say the criminal court trial will start in four to six months.


  • Tracy Smith

    The details we heard in court today….these thugs deserve life sentences. Sorry Mr. Attorney these thugs will be adults in the next 30 days, so LIFE SENTENCES are warranted. We as the family of Larry Wilkins Jr. deserves justice. They had the opportunity to take the vehicle without harming anyone. They made this choice, now they can live with their choice! No remorse was shown in court! Thugs for life in JAIL!

    • Viniece

      Hello! My sister was his girlfriend I just want you to know that we absolutely loved him. He was so silly and filled with life. Im sorry for your loss!

  • 1midtownmike

    Ferguson is a Balin wanna be……..sad.

    Both should ice down a cooler full of bottled water for the afterlife ’cause they will sizzle like strips of bacon where they be goin.’

    • Hard Truths

      Both Claiborne Ferguson and the prosecutor in the case, Kevin Rardin, are outstanding lawyers with impeccable reputations.

      There is a certain kind of person who always has something ugly to say about attorneys. You’re one of those.

      I hope you always pay what you deserve to pay to your attorney and get the service you deserve to get.

      Bad person = bad client = karma gonna git you.

  • Christine

    Regardless of one’s back ground, no one is immune from gun violence. There is something wrong somewhere. We live in a society where no one is safe. Our children are not safe in schools. The recent school shootings shows that white kids are also taking innocent lives. Whoever is supplying guns to criminals, have the blood of the innocent on their hands. Law enforcement need to prosecute the gun suppliers that are selling guns to criminals. Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to take anyone’s guns away. The only thing I am saying we need to treat gun suppliers like we do to drug suppliers.

    • timm

      ” The recent school shootings shows that white kids are also taking innocent lives.” typical response: ‘well white kids be doin it too!” true,, but at nowhere NEAR the rate that blacks are,, and they DEFINITELY aren’t targeting BLACK people,, like blacks target whites.. these thugs went on craigslist and called ads until they found someone that sounded white, and that was stupid enough to trust dealing with blacks,, especially at night.. and blacks like “christine” get indignant when white people don’t want to be around her or her fellow blacks…every inner-city in america is now majority black, and a cesspool of violence and hate… and it will get worse.. as whites build large fences around their neighborhoods and REFUSE to let blacks move in..

  • Christine

    My sympathy goes out to the victim and his family. I don’t want to blame the victim, but there is no way I am going to meet someone at night. We need to a very cautious life. If you have a product that you want to buy or sell, have the person to meet you at the local police station. If a person is legit they would not have a problem with that location.

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