Students Angry At Victory University For Refund Check Delay

(Memphis) Students at Victory University are ticked off at the school because they have not received the money left over from their student loans.

Nichelle Gant-McLean and her friend walked into school on Wednesday, and marched out with an attitude.

“It’s just complete mayhem here,” Gant-McLean, a student at Victory University, said.

Gant-McLean has been waiting on her refund check since the beginning of the semester.

“When I call we don’t get answers,” she said. “Like, trying to get somebody on the phone is like pulling teeth.”

With the school set to close for good in two weeks because of financial issues, Gant-McLean believes she has reason to be worried.

“The thing is you’re not just dealing with your own personal business, you’re dealing with other people’s business, you’re dealing with students business,” she said.

The university scheduled seven meetings for students who share similar concerns.

No one from the university would go on camera, but they issued this statement:

“The president has invited students to any one of seven small meetings scheduled over the next three days. She has assured students that she and other institutional representatives will be available after the official closing of the institution on May 7. Refunds have been and will be issued on a weekly basis.”

However, with the business office only open for two days a week, students likeĀ Gant-McLean say the day their check comes cannot come soon enough.

“Give me what you owe me so I can go on about my life, y’all can close down, or do whatever it is y’all want to do. Just give me what you owe me and leave me out of it,” Gant-McLean said.

The president of the university is expected to be stick around after the school closes to finish answering questions and to make sure students get their money.

The final graduating class will walk the stage next Friday at 6 p.m.


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