Students Angry At Victory University For Refund Check Delay

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(Memphis) Students at Victory University are ticked off at the school because they have not received the money left over from their student loans.

Nichelle Gant-McLean and her friend walked into school on Wednesday, and marched out with an attitude.

"It's just complete mayhem here," Gant-McLean, a student at Victory University, said.

Gant-McLean has been waiting on her refund check since the beginning of the semester.

"When I call we don't get answers," she said. "Like, trying to get somebody on the phone is like pulling teeth."

With the school set to close for good in two weeks because of financial issues, Gant-McLean believes she has reason to be worried.

"The thing is you're not just dealing with your own personal business, you're dealing with other people's business, you're dealing with students business," she said.

The university scheduled seven meetings for students who share similar concerns.

No one from the university would go on camera, but they issued this statement:

"The president has invited students to any one of seven small meetings scheduled over the next three days. She has assured students that she and other institutional representatives will be available after the official closing of the institution on May 7. Refunds have been and will be issued on a weekly basis."

However, with the business office only open for two days a week, students like Gant-McLean say the day their check comes cannot come soon enough.

"Give me what you owe me so I can go on about my life, y'all can close down, or do whatever it is y'all want to do. Just give me what you owe me and leave me out of it," Gant-McLean said.

The president of the university is expected to be stick around after the school closes to finish answering questions and to make sure students get their money.

The final graduating class will walk the stage next Friday at 6 p.m.


  • Nichelle Mclean

    It’s the lack of professionalism about the whole thing that really makes me mad on top of them not communicating, they have the nerve to have a nasty nonchalant attitude with us. For the most part, the teachers are really nice and they seem to really care about us

    • Anonymous

      You did exactly what I was planning on doing today….getting the word out about this matter. I am glad to see that I am not the only one who is not afraid to speak out about what is going on. But continue to be encouraged and try not to let this situation stress you. Good luck to you on your endeavors as you transistion from this unorganized university.

  • Anonymous

    I think that they are trying to close the school and not issue out students refund by the closing date. I called the school yesterday and I was told that the last date for the staff is May 1, 2014. I have been awaiting my refund since January and every time I talk to someone there’s a different story to tell (Liars). In my opinion I think that the school isn’t telling everything about why the school is closing. If any of you are students (online) you may have been referred to a school called United States University based out in in California…check their website the layout is a lot like Victory’s website, I think it is Victory, just under a new name. And to make this more suspicious/doubtful when calling my ex- Academic Advisior based out of California at Victory no answer and the voicemail picks up and then a pre-recording transfer you to United States University…what a joke. I immediately rejected the offer of transferring to that university.

    • anonymous

      Great minds think alike. I was thinking the same think, and I truly believe bankruptcy is the next sneaky move they’ll make.

  • CurrentEmployee

    U.S. University is a sister institution of Victory University. I would expect it to be a flim flam operation.

  • phillip murrell

    I am a current student and I have been waiting on my stipend for over 4 months with no answer. I am a veteran with two deployments under my belt. My GI bill pays for my education therefore Victory has been paid for the classes I’ve taken yet they are still holding over $5,000 of grants and loans that belong to me in there account collecting interest that they will keep. I am on the verge of eviction my lights electric/gas was turned off today and I owe a pawn shop over $1,000 for items I panned over the last 3 months paying what I can and extending what I can. Everything is past due and all I get from Victory is the process has changed and they will get to me when they get to me. Is this the same country I put my life on the line for? Is this the same country I missed significant time away from my children for if so I feel like I was cheated and I have lost faith and trust in all of it

  • PenelopeAnn

    Maybe the students should be forgiven for all the loans. Then again, this situation is conplex and suspect at the same time.

  • dickgozinya1

    They are probably holding on it as long as they can to draw every cent of interest before they hand it over

    • anonymous

      I agree. That’s exactly what they’re doing now and even before this, that’s what they were doing (holding as long as they can to draw interest on OUR money). It’s there a requirement that a school is suppose to issue out refunds within 14 days after shows on a student’s account?

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