Search For Missing Boater

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(Memphis) The search for a missing boater at McKellar Lake will resume Thursday morning.

At 5:13 p.m. Wednesday, the Coast Guard received calls from a tugboat operator and a marina downtown about a boat seen floating with no one on board.

The caller from the marina also said they saw someone on board earlier.

Memphis Police Harbor Patrol, the Coast Guard and the Shelby County Sheriff's Office all searched for several hours Wednesday evening, with assistance from two pleasure crafts.

A police helicopter also searched from above.

The boat, a Zodiac, is reportedly between 7 and 12 feet.


    • Virginia

      They are not dangerous, the missing boater is my ex husband and we always had one and felt very safe in it. This is a very freak accident !!!!

  • Roberto Della Rosa

    Yes, he was a white man. No, a black man deserves the same search an rescue as him. He was a co-worker of mine, a fellow aviator. Good guy like the man on the video said. I have known him for about 3 yrs. God speed David!

      • Roberto Della Rosa

        Virginia: I went to the Marina on Friday morning with my wife and talked to the owner and his wife. They are as shocked as we are about his disappearance. He had been living there for about 3 months, was a little shy at first and had just started getting to know people and being more open to all. He was fixing his house boat every day and had a good time doing so. Great pilot as you say, I am a witness. He was my first officer many times, and we had spent a few nights at an out station and shared a meal or a beer. I talked to Ray last night. We will be in touch again this week. So long.

      • Virginia

        I am in complete shock as well as everyone is. Even tho David and I were divorced we still kept in touch. I am glad you had the chance to know David he really was a great person. I will be in touch with his sister though out the week. Take Care

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