Commission Recommends Banning E-Cigs At Shelby County Buildings

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(Memphis) Shelby County employees may soon be banned from puffing on electronic cigarettes at work.

Wednesday afternoon, the commission recommended e-cigarettes be added to existing policy that prohibits smoking in Shelby County buildings.

The Shelby County Heath Department passed out a packet to commissioners, explaining what we know so far about e-cigarettes.

The problem is, we don't know much.

We know puffing produces big clouds of vapor and they come in flavors you might find at a candy shop: vanilla, banana, chocolate.

"It tastes amazing," said Seth Sellars, a manger at Chase the Vape.

Everyone is standing by for more info on e-cigs, including the Shelby County Commission and health department.

"We still don't know a lot of about them so there still a lot of unanswered questions," said Helen Marrow, a health officer with the Shelby County Health Department.

Marrow recommended Wednesday that e-cigarettes be banned from Shelby County buildings.

The commission says that will likely be easily passed by a county policy committee in the next few weeks but when it comes to regulating vaping, it looks like, for now, business owners are in the clear.

The Commission meeting was only a discussion about e- cigarettes.

No regulations were recommended, even though some commissioners are hoping that will come.

"I know Chicago, New York and Los Angeles are banning e-cigarettes similar to cigarettes," said Commissioner Steve Basar.

"Every day it gets busier," said Sellars.

The manager at Chase the Vape on Broad Ave. says no matter what regulations may come, people will continue to puff

"You don't think it could have impact on your business?" asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

"Not at all," said Sellars.

Since the verdict is still out on the health effects of vaping, it may be some time before Shelby County finds clear-cut rules on a cloudy issue.

The health department says it's waiting for the FDA to make it's recommendations on e-cigs before it takes a solid stance on the topic.


  • Ben Smith

    Gotta love a knee jerk reaction by bureaucrats with no credible evidence to support a ban.In NYC, their reasoning was based on the “appearance of smoking”. They wanted no outward,public displays that would possibly glorify smoking. I would like to know who is pushing this regulation nationwide,via lobbying. Pharmaceutical companies and their cessation lines have taken big hits due to the use of vaping products. As a former smoker,ecig technology worked for me. The patches,gum, and inhalers were useless. Vaping citizens should use etiquette in public places,to avoid over-reaching regulations. Go around the corner,bathroom,etc.

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