Woman Left Speechless By Co-Worker’s Surprise

(WREG-TV) A young couple barely starting their lives together have encountered a true test on the wedding vow “in sickness and in health.”

This week’s Pass It On starts at the Tennessee state government office building downtown with playmaker is Kim Carter.

She wants to help her employee, Tameka Glass, and Tameka’s husband, Melton.

One month before their one year anniversary, Melton learned his body was rejecting its second kidney.

For the last three years, Tameka has given up everything to care for her husband. She couldn’t even attend her college graduation.

To Pass It On, Kim, who supervises a crew of daycare inspectors, scheduled an employee meeting at a frozen yogurt place in Overton Square, and no one has a clue.

Kim counts off the $600 bucks, and Tameka’s not sure what to say.

“I’m speechless. Normally I’m not speechless, but I’m speechless today.”


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