Woman Left Speechless By Co-Worker’s Surprise

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(WREG-TV) A young couple barely starting their lives together have encountered a true test on the wedding vow "in sickness and in health."

This week's Pass It On starts at the Tennessee state government office building downtown with playmaker is Kim Carter.

She wants to help her employee, Tameka Glass, and Tameka's husband, Melton.

One month before their one year anniversary, Melton learned his body was rejecting its second kidney.

For the last three years, Tameka has given up everything to care for her husband. She couldn't even attend her college graduation.

To Pass It On, Kim, who supervises a crew of daycare inspectors, scheduled an employee meeting at a frozen yogurt place in Overton Square, and no one has a clue.

Kim counts off the $600 bucks, and Tameka's not sure what to say.

"I'm speechless. Normally I'm not speechless, but I'm speechless today."


  • L. Parks

    What an awesome supervisor! Tameka is the idea employee and definitely a remarkable wife. Many more blessing to you all.

    Thanks WREG

  • me

    Blessings to Tameka and her family. May God continue to supply there needs . I have pray a miracle for her husbands kindney . Total turn around in Jesus Name .

  • Beverly Leigh

    It is such a blessing to hear just a little good news and how their are some people who still care for one another and not trying to rob, kill and steal. Thanks to you News Channel 3 for helping us keep the faith in humankind. What an awesome story.

  • TaMeka Glass

    I am still speechless and I will be forever thankful!
    For I know what God ordains he will maintain!
    Thank you WREG and to my supervisor you are the best, I wouldn’t trade you for nothing in the world!
    Please keep us in your prayers and trust me nothing will break this smile!

    • Rita Williams

      Thank you Kim,and especially to Channel 3 Richard Ramson who brings a touch of joy to others. I am so grateful to have been blessed that God allowed me to give birth to such an awesome daughter. God then blessed me again to have Melton as my wonderful and caring son-in-law. I am such a proud mother of two wonderful children.


      Rita Williams
      Proud Mother

  • Dorothy Smith

    THANK GOD!! This positive story was badly needed. Channel 3, please consider not posting the racial stupidity everyday.


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