Three Teens Indicted For Collierville Contractor’s Murder

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(Memphis) Three teenagers were indicted for robbing and murdering Collierville contractor J.P. Shelley.

The 42-year-old was working at a Parkway Village home last October when he was robbed and killed.

Sixteen-year-old Derek Cunningham, 16-year-old Corey Sandifer, and 17-year-old Thomas Moss Jr., were indicted Tuesday on charges of first-degree murder in the perpetration of a robbery, especially aggravated robbery, and aggravated robbery.

Cunningham was also indicted for premeditated first-degree murder.

All three gave statements admitting some involvement, and are being held without bond.

The man Shelley met that day testified in December.

He said he met Shelley, they looked around inside of the house, then went outside and were chatting when two men ran from behind the house and demanded their wallets.

The contractor said he and Shelley both handed over their wallets, as well as an iPhone and iPad.

Shelley even told the suspects, “If you want the money, it’s no problem.”

But after handing his wallet over, Shelley was shot in the neck.

The contractor told the court that after Shelley was shot, the suspect bent down and took his iPad and wallet, which were on the ground.


  • ChrisWilliamsisaDummy

    I agree with you again Chris Williams. No matter what race. If it would have been the other way I would still agree.

    • PenelopeAnn

      ChrisWilliamsisaDummy is an extremely petty human being. In this certain article, he or she can’t really make out what race the suspects were. So he or she tones down the racially motivated comments. That is so laughable. He/she probably looked at the names of the suspects and couldn’t quite tell what race they were. He only knows that the victim was white so he shows sympathy. Poor excuse for a human being. I’m certain you don’t have a job/career to tend to as much as you’re on here trolling. Get a life scumbag.

      • Nonya Bidness

        If you had been off the crack for more than 5 minutes you would know that the race of the suspects is widely known because it was reported when this story happened.

        Now go hit the pipe again

  • ConcernedCitizen

    Lock ’em up is only reasonable if I don’t pay to feed them. Let them die…and slowly.

  • mr. matt

    you think you are just going to work trying to make a honest dollar not thinking you gotta pack your pistol. glad he didnt shoot both guys but thats f’d up

  • ChrisWilliamsisaDummy

    I wasn’t bringing it up in a negative way. Didn’t mean it like that. I was pointing out no matter what race they need to be punished bad.

  • mr. matt

    there are no white kids left in parkway village so im sure i know the race of the kids since the names arent spanish. i want to know the race of the contractor they didnt shoot, and why they just shot him

  • PenelopeAnn

    Nonya Bidness or whoever, apparently you need a hobby as well. Now you go back and get your syringe and hit your heroin. My statement was meant for dummy but since the shoe obviously fits, it was meant for you as well.

  • ChrisWilliamsisaDummy

    As a business owner I don’t go to certain areas of town because it’s not worth the risk.

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