Strip Club Sign Sparks Controversy

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(Memphis) It's usually what's coming off inside the strip club that gets a reaction, but at one such club in Memphis, it's what was on the billboard outside.

Late Tuesday afternoon, a sign outside The Pony went from "Support Single Moms" to "Go Grizz. Watch em here."

Critics said if you strip the old sign down to its meaning, you will uncover a big problem.

"This is pretty much just to get business in the door, and they're using single moms as that person to get them in the door," single mother Yolanda Gates said.

The group Successful Single Moms Memphis call it a marketing ploy, one that is casting a XXX cloud over single mothers everywhere.

Group members said the club stereotyped and insinuated all single mothers should swing on a pole to feed their kids.

"Single mothers aren't all strippers. I'm an educated single mother. I have a college degree," Gates said.

Successful Single Moms Memphis Executive Director Nicole Gates also worries the sign put strippers at risk.

"They have to leave here in the wee hours of the night and wee hours of the morning. What message are you sending to men?"

WREG reached out to The Pony's general manager, but he refused to comment.

The group said it does not judge single mothers who choose to strip, but is glad The Pony took it off.

The sign was up for about a week before the club changed it Tuesday afternoon.


  • mr. matt

    like that is more offensive than what goes on in there,should it say DONT support single moms? i think it helps their biz

      • canadianwhiskeygirl

        Mike Barrett the day a man has to pay me to shake it shake it is the day I let the rest of taxpayers support me….I would.learn how to work the system real good. I am quite secure with who I am and I have so much an I dont care what u think about me I am not sensitive at all in tjat resect. Anyone who knows me its a definite what u see is what u get.

  • Kevin

    Mike, you need to leave those kids alone. Becuase when the police caught up with you, there will be no mercy … Leave the kids alone boy ….

  • Tina

    I would like to know what was wrong with the “Single Mom” sign. They were saying a good thing about single Moms not a bad thing. Also they are supporting the local team and stating they have tv’s that will have the game on. Leave the business alone. They are trying to stay afloat like any other business.

  • JJRR

    WOW really?? First of all, if women choose to end their pregnancies, they are shamed for that. But when they decide to keep their pregnancies and go on welfare, they are shamed for that. Yet women who dance are trying to make a living. Yeah, some are drug addicted (just like some who work in offices, or who are addicted to big pharma drugs, etc who work at other “accepted places”. But not all dancers are on drugs or prostitute just because they take off their clothes for a living. If anyone has an issue, are you going to go charging all the way to Las Vegas and harass the go go dancers or topless showgirls????

    So a problem is some women don’t want to have to depend on welfare or such sources. You never hear about strip clubs being talked about in CA, NV, FL, or TX because those states don’t divert attention to the REAL crime thats going on. Since Memphis IS one of the highest crime cities in the USA, I’d say there should be much more focus on those crimes rather than places women get paid to dance (just like actresses and actors who take off their clothes and makes MILLIONS per movie, or models who make six figures for doing the same).

    And while people want to complain about women who choose to dance for a living to AVOID going on welfare, well maybe they should be arguing why our messed up economy refuses to pay a LIVING WAGE so these so called “single moms” don’t have to choose the latter choice of showing themselves for money?

    On another note, the liquer sales pay plenty of taxes to the city, so why would they complain? Maybe Memphis should expand more recreation and better places to go (like more comedy clubs, more better and SAFER “sight seeing” like other states so people don’t get so bored and flock to only strip clubs to begin with?? Seems like all there is to ever do here is eat high fat cholesteral BBQ, or go to strip clubs. Geesh.

    Oh, and for anyone who wants to also complain about “welfare”, well maybe you should blame Walmart since 95% of their full time employees have to go on it ..nevermind that wally world is a TRILLION dollar company.

    And where is ever the rage about MALE dancers???????????? Yeah didn’t think so.’s always always always an arugument about “women”..never the “men” who do the same.

  • JJRR

    And who cares if single moms are on the sign? Quit picking on strip clubs and take care of the REAL CRIME!!

    Maybe they should have changed the sign to :

    “We support single mothers who dance because absent fatherhood is growing out of control. ?These women want to avoid going on welfare but can’t afford to feed her kids of a low minimum wage job that cuts hours because of outsourcing or society’s expectation that you need a collage ‘debt sentence’ to earn enough enough- even though all of your taxes continue to feed the federal debt”.


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