Police: Man Peddles $800 Worth Of Stolen Panties At Bus Terminal

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(Memphis) Police say a Memphis man was no "Angel" and tried to sell about $800 dollars worth of stolen Victoria's Secret underwear at the MATA bus terminal downtown.

They say the items still had the price tags and security monitors on them.

MATA riders we talked to weren't at the terminal Monday when Joe Milam was arrested, but say they would have noticed someone carrying around ladies undergarments and would have steered clear of him.

"I wouldn't have bought none from him. I would have kept on going," said Nicole Child.

MATA security stopped Milam Monday.

Court records show he has been arrested around a dozen times before for theft, burglary and robbery.

In this case, Milam is charged with criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, not possessing sex offender identification and theft of property from $500 to $1,000.

Police say Milam is also a registered sex offender and was not carrying the proper ID.

He wouldn't tell the police where he got the stolen underwear.



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