IRS Employees With Unpaid Taxes Given Bonuses

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(Washington, D.C.) The Internal Revenue Service paid out $2.8 million in bonuses to employees with disciplinary issues.

That includes more than $1 million to employees who have not paid their own federal taxes.

That’s according to a recently released audit which you can read HERE.

The report found 1,146 IRS employees received bonuses within a year of substantiated federal tax compliance problems.

The bonuses didn’t just involve money.

Employees with tax problems were given more than 10,582 hours of paid time off, that’s worth $250,000, while another 69 were given permanent raises.

The report looked at bonuses in 2011 and 2012.

Employees’ tax problems included “willful understatement of tax liabilities over multiple tax years, late payment of tax liabilities, and underreporting of income,” the report said.

In fiscal year 2012, the IRS gave out bonuses of $86.3 million in cash and almost 490,000 hours of time off.

The report found about 69% of the agency’s 98,000 employees received some kind of bonus.

The IRS has responded by saying it has put in place a policy that takes conduct into account when giving out bonuses to senior executives.

Making that policy apply to all of the agency’s workers would require negotiations with the National Treasury Employees Union.

USA Today reported the union did not respond to a request for comment.


    • Avery

      Look!! Every job has bonuses. We work hard like everyone else. We are not talking about thousands of dollars here. We are talking about a few hundred dollars. And get this!! We are taxpayers TOO!! But the guidelines are exceptionally strenuous for IRS employees when we owe money. Let me bet your top dollar that although some of us owe money, we are walking the straight and narrow and we have all of our paper work in order. Just because you do not like the IRS or may have tried getting away with paying does not mean we are not good enough to get a bonus now and then.

  • bmwjen

    Does this really surprise anyone? Look at politicians who have been arrested and/or haven’t paid taxes.

  • biz59

    This is a crock of ****, our government is twisted. This is nonsense. The people at IRS can do wrong doing and come up short on their tax notes and they make money to pay them, but we out here that do NOT work for the IRS pay through the nose and get NO HELP and we struggle. I think the monies that were distributed here would of gone a long way to help a whole lot of other people out too. TIME OFF.. what is that? This is ridiculous. WONDER WHAT OBAMA is thinking about all this. He needs to make it a WRONG and let every person in America reap some of those monies. It might be a 1.00 but for us that file our taxes and pay them on time we should be the ones who benefit instead of the ones doing wrong.

  • Disturbed

    Bonuses for government employees? That’s absurd! For years public sector employees made less than their counterparts in the private sector. In e change the pensions and lifelong benefits were the perks. Also the fact that no one is ever fired or laid off. People in the private sector could make more with bonuses based on merit. It’s pretty screwed up when someone can make more, get great benefits, pension and bonuses with no consideration to merit. Not only is memphis going the way if detroit so is the whole country!

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