Fugitive Arrested For Running Over Mother Of Newborn

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(Memphis) Shelby County deputies caught a fugitive after five months on the run.

Deputies found Brian Mashburn, who's accused of running over the mother of his newborn child last November, at the scene of the crime in Cordova.

He has a lengthy criminal record, including a prior conviction for domestic violence.

For some reason, it looks the woman he's accused of running over in this incident eventually took him back.

What he's accused of doing, you’d think no woman could forgive.

“I am speechless,” said niehgbor Chuck Brawner.

Deputies say Mashburn knocked over his girlfriend in her Cordova driveway on Marhill Cove and then ran her over.

Just six weeks earlier, she had given birth to their child.

Doctors say she suffered a broken tailbone, a fractured arm, and internal bleeding, but she was too afraid to report what happened to police for days because Mashburn still lived in her house.

But after about a week, police say she came forward last November and gave them a statement about what happened and they issued a warrant for his arrest.

“He subsequently disappeared for a few months and then he was found yesterday afternoon and arrested,” said Chip Washington with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

The man was found back at the house with the woman whom he’s accused of running over.

“I think that is just a matter of being terrified, “ said Dottie Jones, president of the Domestic Violence Council.

Masburn also had a warrant for theft and has previous charges for embezzling more than a $100,000 from his former employer.

He also was convicted of knocking over another girlfriend in 2010, breaking her leg. She calls him a monster and says she's glad to hear he's locked up.

While deputies say his latest victim forgave him, the law still was on her side.

“The great thing is she did finally tell police what happened and a warrant was sworn out for his arrest and he is arrested,” said Jones.

Mashburn's ex-girlfriend says he only got probation for breaking her leg back in 2010.

She says she hopes this time she court will not let him off so easy.


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