EMT Crews Didn’t Know Girl Was Shot In The Head

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(Memphis) Even though doctors at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital called it obvious, they defended EMTs who didn't realize a 10-year-old girl was shot in the head.

Dr Trey Eubanks is head of the trauma program at the hospital.

He said, "Once the evaluation took place, it was pretty obvious it was a gunshot wound."

The girl's 13-year-old brother is charged with shooting his younger sister at their home on the 4900 block of Orleans Monday.

Reaction from neighbors is mixed.

Some told WREG they know about past problems with the teen, while Jhante Bullock, who walks her babies down this road, called the shooting a concern.

"I stay right down the street in the apartments. It's scary. I walked past the scene yesterday but I didn't know what had happened," Bullock said.

What concerns others is how long it took for anyone to realize the girl was shot.

Dr Eubanks explained, "It's not common because normally the history leads us to the nature of the injury, but in this case it didn't happen."

Doctor Trey Eubanks said what's really important is they know what kind of injury they are dealing with before the ambulance pulls in.

"The classification starts with blunt versus penetrating and that helps prepare the team for what they may see."

The boy is now facing felony charges for shooting his sister.


    • MikeBarret

      They didn’t miss it they just didn’t know what caused it. It’s not like the boy came over and fessed up to shooting her.

  • A.C.

    Better hope Molly smith doesn’t ever need the services of a memphis fire ambulance, I’m sure that had the news been with that ambulance crew at the time they treated this young girl this would be a much different story. Easy to judge after the fact….. Let’s try reporting all the times that the men and women of the memphis fire and police dept make a difference in someone’s life.

  • John Doe

    I have a few questions for Molly Smith. Do you have any healthcare training? Do you know the treatment protocols for any type of head injury? Do you know how a trauma center prepares to handle these types of injuries? This article suggests you do not. If you do, you would not be shedding such a negative light on the people who responded to this incident. This article is nauseating. It is easy to propose a solution to a hypothetical situation. I am saddened that someone would report this kind of misinformation, and even more saddened if anyone believes it.

    • jj

      Dude did you miss the part about a 10 year old child getting shot? You don’t need a doctorate in medicine to understand the severity of this situation. It seems you don’t care at all about this child. There is nothing hypothetical about the tragic event of a child being shot.

      • John Doe

        No sir, I did not miss the part about the child being shot. I agree it is a tragedy.

        However, if you read the title, you will see the focus of the entire article is ‘EMT Crews Didn’t Know Girl Was Shot In The Head.’ It was not focused on the tragic event. There are twelve lines in this article. Seven of them about the missed gunshot wound, 3 about the neighbor’s reaction, and finally 2 statements about the the brother being charged. Maybe you should direct your question to the news team. This article repeatedly suggests our city servants performed poorly, but in reality they did everything they could.

        My ‘hypothetical’ statement is in reference to how lines 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, and 11 are only relevant if different actions by EMS, a hypothetical situation, would have made a difference in the child’s outcome. The answer is no. Nothing could have been done by EMS to change the child’s outcome. This fact makes the majority of this article completely irrelevant.

        My point was, and still is, this article nauseates me because of the misinformation presented without any concern for the people being criticized. This news team took a tragic event and used it to insult our city’s servants. These men and women are true heroes and deserve much better than this.

        jj, I would suggest you check this link, https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/ad-hominem, before you start another argument. Maybe you it will prevent you from making a Neanderthal of yourself.

    • jj

      What?!! Just because a child looks like they are going to die does not mean you shouldn’t do an assessment. They did take the child to the hospital and while in the ambulance is it really too much to ask them to do an assessment? Maybe they should have just left her on the street to die. Your defense of them is lame. If this is truly the attitude of these EMTs, they deserve more than insults. The article stated the doctors tried to defend them but you just buried them.

      • John Doe

        I guess you skipped the link I suggested.

        Who said they didn’t do an assessment? I don’t see anywhere on this page suggesting your claim. Did I say they didn’t? No. Does this article say they didn’t? No. The article says they didn’t know she was shot. It does not say they didn’t identify a penetrating injury. A penetrating injury is treated the same regardless of the cause.

        In fact, there is a comment directly below yours that says they found and treated the head wound. Can you disprove this? I can answer this for you. No you cannot disprove it. First it would be impossible to disprove because it is a fact. Second, you, much like the author, are ignorant to the entire situation. Do you have any sources of information besides this article? If you do, please post them.

        I hope you’re a troll, otherwise, you’re making a fool of yourself.
        Your arguments are weak because they are illogical and lack support.

        Here is another educational opportunity-

        Strawman- You misrepresented someone’s argument to make it easier to attack. By exaggerating, misrepresenting, or just completely fabricating someone’s argument, it’s much easier to present your own position as being reasonable, but this kind of dishonesty serves to undermine honest rational debate.

        Here’s the link if you like to read more.

    • Buddy

      I agree with JJ. Just because a patient’s situation is not looking good, you still assess and treat. YOU are the one trying to justify not doing something would be just the same as doing something. YOU. Not the article. Strawman does not apply here since it is YOU making the statements. Trying reading what you type. As an EMT you need to take responsibility for your actions rather than just saying “it wouldn’t have made any difference” to justify not doing something. Isn’t that the same as “who care?”

      • John Doe

        First point-
        Did you read what I typed? Maybe you read it, but you obviously did not comprehend what was typed. I will quote myself to help you better understand.

        Comment 2, paragraph 2-
        “This article repeatedly suggests our city servants performed poorly, but in reality they did everything they could.”
        They did everything allowed by their protocols, including an assessment, to help this child.

        Comment 2, paragraph 3-
        “Nothing could have been done by EMS to change the child’s outcome.”
        There are no interventions allowed by their protocols that would have changed this child’s outcome.

        EMS have a limited treatment scope. They perform immediate life saving interventions to stabilize their patients until they can be transported to the appropriate facility. Doctors and surgeons, at the facility, perform more complicated interventions that EMS is not trained nor allowed to perform.

        EMS did everything their protocols allowed, including an assessment, to stabilize this child. Excuse me for not making that statement clear enough for you.

        As I said in comment 3, paragraph 1-
        “The article says they didn’t know she was shot. It does not say they didn’t identify a penetrating injury.”

        Identification of a penetrating injury requires an assessment.

        You and jj both jumped to conclusions based on incomplete information.

        Please humor me and explain how I am “trying to justify” any action or inaction of the personnel who responded to this incident. If you can prove this, using quotes, I will gladly acknowledge my error.

        Second point-
        I called it a strawman fallacy because his response misrepresented my statements in attempt to make it easier to attack. Did he not? Did I ever say it was ok to not perform an assessment or provide intervention? No. I did not. So, yes he committed a logical fallacy. His first comment was an attack on my character suggesting I do not care for the child. Neither of your comments have had any relevance to my stated opinion. Please stop embarrassing yourselves.

        For the third time, this article is heartless. They are using incomplete information about a tragic event to shed negative light on our city’s servants. All for the sake of having an interesting story. That has been my point the entire time.

        I did not comment to start an argument. I only hoped to shed some truth on this article. As I said earlier, these men and women are everyday heroes and do not deserve to be spoken of this way. It would be different if the personnel performed poorly, but that is not the case.

  • Tge73

    The EMS crew were told it was a stab wound. They found the head wound and treated the head wound and made it to the hospital with the little girl alive! I say good job!!

  • Bea R

    A.C. I find it disgusting that a member of the Memphis Fire Department would so blatantly make a public threat against a reporter or anyone. If you do not want your performance to be scrutinized, find another job. Anyone who works in any profession which deals with people can expect some scrutiny. If the Memphis Fire department condones your public threats against Molly Smith then it tells us they lack in professionalism.

  • A.C.

    Dear Bea R.

    I am not a member of the fire dept, nor would I want to be in this city. I’m sure that she will get the best care possible, but they will remember that negative light that she placed on them.

    Let’s say you had a job that you worked very hard at everyday, and you put all your effort and heart into, then along comes the news to focus on some mistake you made. I promise you that you wouldn’t be very happy about it nor would you forget the person that reported it. That is all I was getting at. No threat being made at all.

    As for you assuming that I was a member of the fire dept and quickness to attack me for making a “threat” shows the true lack of respect for the people that are willing to DIE trying to save you that you have. It is that mindset that brings this city down.

    I am from Boston where we respect our public servants. I am here for a few years for my company and I will tell you that as an outsider looking in this city has tons of problems that the news should focus on not this poor excuse for a story. Your kind of thinking makes me count the days until I can leave this city and go home.

    • Bea R

      A professional firefighter or EMT would not threaten the public. They should know what the job consists of when they applied to be a public servant. You have shown a great disrespect for the fire department by making the threat against Molly. I would hope professionals are not the petty jerk you have made the out to be. Professional firefighters and EMT also strive to go home after each shift. To die on the job is not their dream goal which is why they are constantly training. They want to protect life. They do not want harm to come to those who might disagree with them like for a news article. That is just silly pettiness on your part to say the members of the fire department’s ambulance might not treat her appropriately in an emergency. You still make these EMTs_ look like jerks rather than professionals.

      If you can not handle the job, you have no business in the fire department or EMS. You do not have a clue what a professional is at all buttercup.

  • A.C.

    Did you read any of what I wrote cupcake? I am not an EMT or firefighter, I didn’t make a threat to sweet molly, (i understand she is a nice Ohio girl I believe)nor did I say that a firefighters dream is to die on the job, you have the same fact gathering skills as this news station. Sit back have some more sweet tea and stop arguing about something you clearly don’t have a clue about.

    • Buddy

      Tell us A.C. What did this little girl do to upset the EMT crews? You seem to believe in retaliation.

      • A.C.

        Buddy…. You have missed the point of what is being said in what I assume is an attempt to stir the pot.

        Lets all look at the real issue here, a brother shot his sister, lets focus on why there was a loaded unlocked gun in the house, lets look at why these children were alone. let us argue ways to prevent these kind of things from happening, and we’ll all keep our opinions about ambulance folks to ourselves. I don’t normally get involved in these comment fights and I intend to stop after this. You guys can all call me petty or that I’m all about retaliation and whatever else you want, I’m done with this.

      • Buddy

        I didn’t miss anything.

        Your credibility stopped when you stated “Better hope Molly doesn’t need Memphis Fire Ambulance”.

  • Carol

    I have sat here & read these comments & not one time have I read that anybody is praying for this little girl’s healing nor for her family. This is really sad that you adults have behaved this way & this innocent child is fighting for her life. This family life is forever changed. Sometimes you don’t really understand until it hits home & u will have a different view on things. Just simply sad. Praying that God will change y’all hearts.

  • Luke

    There was not enough info given to the medics, gun shots to the head aren’t always seen easily, caliber and distance make a huge difrence. The Memphis Fire Department and its Paramedics are some of the best I know.

  • Joe

    wow…..John Doe seems a bona fide idiot who probably never thinks hes lost an argument……please tell me you are retired and not around people much

    we need something that explains your fixation with this article…….

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