Como Clerk Under Investigation

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(Como, MS) From all appearances, Como town clerk Kara Beth Killebrew had the full support of the mayor and aldermen.

That is, except for Rachel Powell.

”She ain’t never worked her 40 hours. She ain’t never come to work on time. She’s miss two or three days a week."

Alderman Powell says she noticed Killebrew’s work habits seemed less than desirable and voiced her concerns at Como board meetings.

”…and I tried to talk to my board, tell ‘em ‘y’all I kinda see things going wrong.'"

Apparently Killebrew’s problems were bigger than bad work habits.

Southaven Police took her into custody Monday night on a warrant from the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation.

Warren Strain, spokesman for the MBI, confirms she's been charged with forgery and embezzlement.

Como’s Police Chief says suspicion of Killebrew had been building for days.

”Probably about a week ago we got wind of something that was going on and I’m just gonna say something going on because it’s still under investigation,” said Chief Earl Burdette.

Alderman Powell says she believes Killebrew knew something was up.

Law enforcement sources confirm a suspicion of check forgery is involved.

Aldermen say Killebrew offered to resign, and wanted to stay on to help out, but last week the Board met in executive session to fire her.

Now, this town, that’s almost broke to begin with, is working with state law officers to get to the bottom of what’s happened.

”If any criminal charges need to be filed, they will be. If not, we’ll move on. Either way, the town will recover from this,” Chief Burdette said.

Powell hopes now other aldermen will listen to her more.

”We’re gonna do the best we can and with my help, if they listen at me, I think we can move on."

She hopes if there’s any financial damage to the town, it’s not too bad.

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