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Boy Robbed At Gunpoint: “I Was Thinking, Am I Really Going To Die?”

(Memphis) Armed robbers made their way into a 13-year-old boy's home while he was alone, and he says he's grateful to be alive.

The home invasion happened just before 9 Monday night in the 3900 block of Mountain Terrace.

His mom had just left to make a quick stop at the grocery store when he says the robbers knocked on the door.

“I went to the door and they asked for my mother. I said my mother wasn’t here and they yanked the door open on me,” he said.

Kyron Caruthers said his young life flashed before his eyes as two robbers barged through the front door of his Raleigh home.

“I was thinking, am I really going to die or not. I was really frightened,” he said.

They aimed guns at his chest and demanded money, then led him to a bathroom.

“He had the gun to my head, and mugged me with the gun and forced me into the bathroom. I turned the lights on and he said turn the light off.”

In the bathroom, he prayed.

“I was trying to see if God was on my side. He truly was. I am truly blessed to see another day,” he said.

The robbers ransacked the home, taking TVs and an Xbox.

When they left, Kyron ran to a neighbor's house to call his mom.

“He was like mom I just got robbed,” Karon Banks said.

Banks doesn’t know why the robbers asked for her, but is grateful they were caught.

Police arrested 18-year-old Sedrick Davis.

According to the police affidavit, two other co-defendants were identified as Michael Ferguson and Jarvis Blackburn.

“The TVs and everything that they took, that's material to me. I couldn't care less about that. His life was more important,” Banks said.

She said she and her son both learned valuable lessons from this scary situation.

“It was a lesson to be learned to him that I always tell him you never open the door if you’re alone,” she said. “It taught me a lesson too. Do not leave my child alone because you never know what can happen or who can pop up at your door.”

Davis is in jail charged with aggravated robbery, being held on $75,000 bond.

The other two suspects are not listed in the system. The victim says they were juveniles.


  • ImbackBitches1

    Where is that Monkey Chris Williams? He is usually making some ignorant comment. What a D—b-$$.

    • Dr. JohnS

      Hank from what I can tell they are pi** poor ones. Always wasting money on toys and not willing to keep the people safe.

  • ChrisWilliamsisaDummy

    Poor guy. Glad he was ok. He will be a gang banger pretty soon. Hope
    He gets his self away from the hood.

  • Fed up

    I like the statement about the MPD slow to respond. Looks like they got caught. MPD great job. With all the bs about their benefits getting cut I don’t really blame them. Maybe the mayor, city council, superintendents, and etc. should cut their own pay and cut out all their perks. My show general public that the city government is taking steps to keep the Memphis citizens safe.

  • Same sh.. different Day

    Wow!! Glad this child is ok. What a horrible thing to happen to a child. Something has to be done , its not right for people to live in fear. Just because some people are poor do not mean that they are criminals or trying to get over thats just the best some can do. Yes there are ones who do but living in fear is just wrong and these people need help

  • Nonya Bidness

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  • ChrisWilliamsisaDummy

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  • I'm a realist

    How many crazy white boy school shootings do you hear about over the course of a year across the whole country? One or two maybe? How many thugs & gangsters shooting each other & random people during robberies, rapes, or just to shoot someone do you hear about in Memphis alone on a weekly basis? One or two…per week, at least. Yeah, there’s messed up white kids occasionally going over the edge & it’s not justifiable by any means; however, there’s young black kids out here on the streets every day shooting each other & everyone else to make a quick buck or just because their gang wants to kill somebody. Don’t be ignorant. And, yes, I know white people rob & kill, too, but, especially around Memphis, it certainly seems to be most frequently blacks in their teens & 20s.

  • Munkeeeeeee

    How many people were killed in school shootings by white people during the Trayvon trial?

    I can tell you how many blacks killed other blacks during the trial:

    NEARLY 11,000….so come back with a better argument than your “White people shoot up schools” excuse because you can add up all of them over a ten-year period and it won’t come near as close as the nearly 11,000 that died during the Trayvon trial.

    Black FAIL.

  • Jackson Bean

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