Thief Steals Copper Pipes, Leaves Woman And Son Homeless

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(Memphis) They hadn't even finished eating the cake at her son's birthday party when the ceiling started falling in at Shantell Burdnett's apartment.

"I was in the bathroom doing my hair when the ceiling started falling down. So I hurry up and grabbed my son and we left. When I came back, my apartment was flooded."

Burdnett says water started pouring everywhere, destroying her 7th Street apartment and nearly everything inside, including her 4-year-old son's clothes and toys.

When MLGW arrived on scene, they discovered someone had broken into the apartment above hers and stolen all of the copper piping from the shower, causing water to leak into the floor and eventually break through.

When Burdnett called her landlord to let him know what happened, he accused her of stealing the pipes, but she says she didn't do it.

"I don't have insurance to even think about doing something like that. I still owe on my living room set."

Burdnett says so far, her landlord hasn't done anything to help, and the mold is making her son sick so they've been living with family and staying in hotels.

But money is tight, and she and her son are getting desperate, so they may have to move into a shelter.

"I have clothes here and there and I don't know what the next step is. My rent is paid up and I don't know what to do?"

Burdnett says it's starting to take a toll on her 4-year-old son.

"My son talks about it every day. It just makes me want to cry. But I have to be strong for my son."

Her landlord did not return any of our calls. The upstairs apartment where the pipes were stolen is currently vacant.


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