Sex Offender Accused Of Driving Drunk And Hitting Woman

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(Memphis) A two-time convicted sex offender is in jail for another reason.

Police say Joshua Spencer was driving drunk Sunday night when he hit a woman who was sweeping the sidewalk outside of her house and then took off.

The 63-year-old is still in the hospital.

The damage left behind really tells the story.

You can see where the car hit the curb, and then took off again on the sidewalk on Hartland.

Easter mass just let out of the Church on Leroy and Heartland and many people, including the priest of Saint James, heard the crash and saw the woman in the road.

“I saw her laying there and I said ‘Oh my gosh! She's been killed!’” said Richard Cortese, a Catholic priest.

Police say the 63-year-old was sweeping her sidewalk when an out-of-control car with a drunk driver behind the wheel slammed into her.

“The poor lady saw it coming and got up to try to get away and it hit her right on her left side, knocking her into the street,” said Cortese. “You can see where the bottom of the car where it scraped and they just kept on going by and didn't stop.

The car lost a wheel from the crash and neighbors followed the trail it left behind to Verbena and Combs where police caught up with the alleged drunk driver.

Police say Spencer blew twice the legal limit and had an expired driver’s license from 2006.

Officers say Spencer denied driving the car, only admitted to being inside it.

Witnesses said otherwise.

Police have charged Spencer with drunk and reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident.

The 63-year-old woman is still recovering at Baptist East with her husband by her side.

“Poor husband came out and saw her lying in the street in shock. He pulled her up on the side there and all the neighbors came out. It was horrible.”

Those neighbors, including a nurse, came to her aid and also helped police track Spencer down.

Spencer is a two-time convicted sex offender and police say he didn't have his proper sex offender ID on him so he was charged with that too.

He's in jail on a $15,000 bond.


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