Road Closures Coming For Memphis In May

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(Memphis) May is right around the corner, and you can see that in downtown Memphis, where crews are getting ready for Memphis in May.

Holly Ford is the director of Marketing for the event.

She said, "There are people out here already to lay the ground work."

Ford says it takes a village to put on this signature event. About 900 volunteers will spend 1,500 hours making sure everything goes well.

"You definitely cannot rely on simply the staff in our office. It has to be something that is all hands on deck. People who care about Memphis, and care about civic pride. That's what Memphis in May is about," Ford said.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of locals and tourists flock to the Mid-South for Memphis in May, putting a logistical stress on the city, but it's something the city does every year.

JC Scott of Memphis said, "I mean, you have to deal with it. But we are used to it. We know its coming so we take it as it comes."

There are always traffic concerns. Riverside Drive will shut down for a couple of weeks because of the huge crowd of people, performers, and chefs, starting May 1st through the 5th, and then again from the 10th through the 18th, and finally the 23rd through the 27th.

Ford said, "When you have a road like Riverside Drive that has heavy and fast traffic going by, you need to close it down when there are so many people here for safety purposes."

Its a culmination of music, culture and food, but the main event is, of course, the barbecue.

JC Scott said,  "BBQ contest! Love to eat!"

Meagan May said, "I mean we are Memphis. We would eat BBQ for breakfast, lunch and dinner if we could. And a whole weekend of it is just heaven."

On top of those closures we listed, starting this Saturday, traffic will be limited to one lane each way until the end of May to ensure all the big trucks can get in and out for setup.

For more information about the event, CLICK HERE.Panama  Memphis in May


  • Bill

    Ahhh, tis that time of the year when the wihte man ventures from the interior to the rushing waters of the mighty river. For most of 30 days the white man will partake in the drinking of many elixars and fill the air with the smell of burning animals and celebrate with much song and dance. The culmination of the month long celbration will end in song and the white man will retreat to the interior for another 11 long months.

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