Retired Racing Greyhounds Need Homes

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(WREG-TV) You can adopt a retiree and take them home to live with you.

The retiree, in this case, is a racing Greyhound.

April is Greyhound Adoption Month.

Reagan, a brown Greyhound, is a 3-year-old female and ready for a new home.

Mid-South Greyhound Adoption Option's website is and their phone number is (870) 735-7317.

The $275 adoption fee (as of March 1, 2014) covers a neuter or spay, a blood panel, tick panel, heart worm test, full dental and up to date on all vaccinations for a year.

Greyhounds from MSGAO have been on heartworm preventive once a month and are free of fleas and ticks.

They are affectionate and make terrific pets.

Most greyhounds are quiet, low maintenance dogs and prefer to stay clean.

Their skin doesn’t produce as much oil as most dogs and as a result, they don’t have the bad “doggie odor” that most dogs get.

Most greyhounds do very well with children especially if the children are calm and gentle with them and respectful of them.

Greyhounds can't tolerate heat or cold well, so they are strictly inside dogs.

They are crate trained, but not technically housebroken, but are easily house trained.