13-Year-Old Boy Shoots 10-Year-Old Sister

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(Memphis) A 13-year-old boy shot his 10-year-old sister Monday.

The girl is in extremely critical condition at Le Bonheur.

People who live near the kids say they were home alone, and this isn't the first time the 13-year-old fired a gun from his home.

"The same kid shot my window out," said Dennis Wooders.

He said the boy admitted he fired the gun, hitting windows and cars of others in the neighborhood.

Wooders said the boy's mother is a single parent and has tried to control him without luck.

"It's just hard-headed kids, won't do nothing she say," Wooders said.

Monday's shooting happened a little before 1 p.m. at 4092 Orleans Road, in Whitehaven.

MPD says they don't yet know how the boy got the gun and that paramedics didn't even realize the girl had a gunshot wound until she got to the hospital.

The teen is charged with felony reckless endangerment and unlawful possession of a weapon.


  • Chris Williams jr

    This is crazy. Probably over a video game. And the racist comments will start in 54321….

  • Same sh.. different Day

    They have not put any details to this story yet, and already people assuming. Danggg!!!

    • A. Mahaffey

      Assumption?, NO! 13YO with a gun, home alone with a 10YO. One shot the other. A sad commonplace with no parental involvement, and nothing but, poor baby excuses to come Wake up folks!!!

  • hank wesson

    I keep my gun in my dresser drawer and my children know this they know better than enter the master bned room without permission from me or their mother train your children teach them right from wrong if necassary implement spankings and I don’t care who disagrees

    • NCOWife2

      I thought the same thing. We are prepping for TCAP and these children are missing out. I’m willing to bet that their attendance record has gaps.

    • David

      Not true. If they were NRA poster children, they would have been trained to not touch the firearm. Wkae up. the NRA works to stop this from happening, not encourage it.

      • donaknowsitall

        No David, the NRA exists because of money. The NRA isn’t working to keep people safe, they are working to keep the gun manufactures making guns and the lobbists keep pushing politicans to push the NRA BS down our throats. It’s all about the money, always has been and always will be. They are getting rich off all the gun-toting wild west shoot ’em up type people.

  • keshia

    Why wasn’t the kids in school and where in the hell where their parents? This is another example to why I say this younger generation is under guided and just plan lost.

  • austinandjustin

    Where were the parents? Probably left the 13 year old in charge. 13 year olds have been babysitting since the Brady Bunch. But too many people “know” their children either don’t know where the gun is, or know better than to touch it. Pity so many are wrong.

    • austinandjustin

      So did my husband. He told me one time he and a friend were looking at the gun when it went off. I forgot how they hid the hole but it scared them enough so they never touched it again.

      Not all kids listen to you better not.

      • Nonya Bidness

        Fact! Any gun owner that does not secure their weapons against not only unsupervised interaction with the weapon but also unauthorized removal is flirting with disaster.

  • Loveandcivilized

    People have so much negativity to say about this but yall have to realize the mom is grieving the brother is grieving and its acceptable to leave a child thats 13 and older at home by hisself/herself or with a sibling. Im just saying pray for them instead of hurting them with always asking WHY THEY AT HOME? WHERE WAS THE MOM? That sh*# is irrelevant at this time.

    • austinandjustin

      You are absolutely correct when you say there is nothing illegal about leaving a 13 year old babysitting his sister. There’s nothing even abnormal about it. But when something like this happens a mob mentality takes over and people start shouting for mom’s (very seldom dad’s) head.

      Poor family. This is a tragedy and too many people are pointing fingers.

    • NCOWife2

      EVERY parent knows what their child is capable of, although many of them will lie to a stranger about the child’s behavior. According to the neighbor with the missing truck window, she knew that her son had shot out his window, so why is there a gun in the house? She is lucky that the other neighbors near her did not know about this or a petition would have been signed and an abundance of complaints would have gone to the police and the city to have her removed like the family that was removed a few weeks ago.

      This is my mother’s neighborhood and it still has a lot of professionals in it (there are very few duplexes) AND when renters that don’t care move in, the now grown children that grew up there make sure that we protect our parents by getting the riff raff out. Our parents worked hard and are not going to suffer because of others who refuse to put in the work. My family also owns the rental house next door and I’m here to tell you that it better not be damaged due to bullet holes or her trouble has just begun.

      • Nonya Bidness

        Do you know if the mother even knew about the gun? This kid is 13, he’s probably a full blown gang banger and it was his gun he was playing with!

  • Ricky

    Whew! Lock momma’s tail up. Give her a straight 8 to think about it. Kids should’ve been in school and if not, momma should’ve been watching them. Should’ve been no firearm in the house that kids can get to. Time for the Straight 8, Amy Weirich.

  • YouKnowItsTrue

    The most violent neighborhoods are full of single baby’s mamas with no dad sight. Their b@stard children run wild in this city.

  • Mary Brown

    As a teacher, I fear this same act of violence since kids are so mean and disobedient to each other. I want to hold parents accountable for being negligent and not knowing her children well enough or for having too much trust in him. Most parents can trust a 13 year old for a few minutes but to complete an 8-hour job would depend on how well you have reared him or her came other parents learn from this incident, or will this same act be repeated? Years ago a13 year-old baby sitter would have worked, but not today. I did not know where new babies come from at 13; now 13 yr.olds are bring the babies from the hospitals to the homes. Moms are even rewarding them with baby showers. Sounds like a reward to me. Just face the new trend–moms at 13 turn to grand moms by 26.

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