Angry Ex-Boyfriend Accused Of Bleaching Woman’s Clothes And Tearing Apart Her House

(Cordova, TN) A man is in jail accused of pouring bleach all over his ex-girlfriend’s home and destroying nearly all of her furniture and belongings.

Jerry Williams is facing several counts of aggravated burglary, trespassing and vandalism in the incident that happened back in October.

He ex-girlfriend is still shaken up and didn’t want to be identified, but told WREG¬† she had to repair more $50,000 in damage to her house.

“Thanks God for insurance,” she said.

She said her boyfriend got upset after she broke things off with him, kicked in her back door, poured bleach throughout her home, slashed her furniture with a knife and ripped apart the major appliances in her kitchen.

“I was just so hurt because I had worked so hard for this and when you think about somebody you know to do you like that,” said the woman.

She said Williams told her he had flooded another girlfriend’s house and threatened to do serious damage to her home.

She said it happened just four months after she moved into the brand new house in Cordova.


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