Neighbors Call Raleigh Shooting Spike “Frightening”

(Memphis) Sonya Lynn smiled on Saturday, but Friday brought different emotions.

“I have a 16-year-old and a 21-year-old so it’s frightening. It is,” Lynn said.

The Raleigh community in Memphis erupted in gun shots leading up to the weekend.

“We know what to expect when it gets hotter, when it gets warmer they tend to act up,” Lynn explained.

“You know summer`s not even here yet and we`re already starting,” Major Lambert Ross, Spokesperson for the Memphis Police Department, said.

The first shooting happened around noon on Friday at the Ashton Hill Apartments on Olathe Drive.

Police told WREG a man was shot and rushed to the hospital.  At last check the victim remained in critical condition.

“Our battle never ends,” Major Ross said.  “It’s day and night.”

Two hours following the first shooting, a man limped into a fire station on Whitney Avenue. He was shot in the leg, officers said.

At 7:30 p.m. neighbors at the Beverly Hills Apartments near Stage Road witness a crime scene following another shooting.

“A lot of shell casings but thankfully he was only shot one time,” Major Ross told WREG.

Another man was blasted in the back with a bullet.

“Try to prepare for these things but there’s not a whole lot you can do,” Major Ross said. “You can not be at every place all the time.”

Lynn plans to hold her kids a little closer this summer.

“We just try to maintain and keep eyes on them (and) know where they are at at all times,” Lynn said.

Other people who live in the community are calling on a higher power over the Easter weekend.

“Just trust the Lord to take care of us,” Marcie Agent said.

All of the shooting investigation are ongoing as police work to determine who shot the victims and why.


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