Car Lot Manager Talks About Child Accidentally Taken During Repo

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(Memphis) Four-year-old Kevin was sleeping in the back of a white Corolla outside his grandmother’s home Friday when a repo man used keys to start up the engine and make a 12-minute drive from the South Memphis home to an auto lot in Whitehaven.

Sam Young, the manager at Cooper and Son Auto Sales, says as soon as the repo driver pulled up to the lot, they got a call from Kevin’s grandmother saying that inside the car was the little boy.

“You got to be kidding me, I didn’t believe it at first,” said Young.

Young walked out to the car to check.

“I opened up the door. That’s when he raised up and rubbed his eyes," Young said.

As you can imagine, a 4-year-old waking up in the middle of the night to a stranger, the little boy started crying.

“When he started crying, what were you thinking?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston.

“Uh oh, he was scared. He didn’t know what was going on,” replied Young.

Family members and police spent Friday night scrambling to find the little boy. They thought a crook stole the car and kidnapped Kevin.

“I really don’t like none of this. You should have checked the car and bring the child to the door and let them know you’re about to pull the car,” said Kevin’s mother, Jerrica Leverson.

Young says the job of a repo man is dangerous.

“My repo men have guns pulled on them,” said Young.

So when they take cars from folks who haven’t paid their bills, they work quickly.

“It’s night time. A 4-year-old, you would figure they would be strapped in, not laying down in the backseat,” Young said.

Kevin’s grandmother says the car was taken when she went inside to put up groceries.


  • Don

    The grandmother put this 4 year old in harms way and now the family wants to blame everyone including the repo man. he is there to tow tthe car and not baby sit.
    He did his job, the family did not do theirs. Simple.
    I did not hear that the baby had a father, I would like to hear his story.

  • smith

    New way to keep your car from being repoed, make you 4 year old grand child sleep in it. Pay your bill you dead beat.

  • Repo man

    As a repo man our jobs are dangerous enough. Imagine how much more dangerous it would be if we had to go knock on the door before taking a car. The grandmother shouldve just payed her bill & she wouldn’t have to worry about that. & she should quit trying to blame the repo man & everyone else for her mistake. It was the grandmother who put that child in danger in the first place. Shes lucky it was the repo man & not a car thief. No mention of either parent either.

    • canadianwhiskeygirl

      Repo man my son used to help a friend of his repo cars. He stated u do NOT go knock on their door for any reason. I cant recant every single thing they did to get that vehicle OUT OF SIGHT FAST!!!….but also stated one helluva adrenalin rush….get the.FOD before u got shot or.shot at.

  • Mnyama

    Ahhhhhhhh. . . Must be nice to have your life so in order that your bills are always paid and you can call others deadbeats… I don’t see a repo man going to inform folks he’s going to pull a car, though. That could be suicide…

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