Police: Woman Robs, Tazes Couple After They Test Drive Car

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(Memphis) A Memphis woman is in jail accused of using a Taser to rob a couple.

Police said 21-year-old Brittany Anderson fired a stun gun in a couple's faces in Southeast Memphis and emptied their wallets.

Anderson is locked up on two counts of facilitating aggravated robbery.

According to court records, a couple was looking at a car for sale at Kirby Parkway and Shelby Drive a couple weeks ago.

When they got back from test driving it, Anderson and her partner-in-crime randomly pulled up and fired a stun gun, hitting the woman in the face. She dropped to the ground in pain.

Anderson then took $860 from the couple and sped off.

"You just have to be careful. You have to use your brain and instincts," said Juan Johnson, who lives in the area.

Neighbors told WREG they've been on high alert hoping police catch the one robber still on the loose.

"I've heard of bare hands, a knife or bat, but a Taser? That's a new one. That's not good," said Johnson.

A Taser electrifies your body, causing your muscles to contract and leaving you feeling helpless and in pain.

WREG is told the couple is doing OK. We reached out to them, but have yet to hear back.

Anderson apparently showed up to the police department Thursday night. Police say when she turned herself in, she admitted to everything.

Anderson is in jail on a $25,000 bond and could face up to 15 years in prison.

She's due in court Monday.


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