Officers Cracking Down On Distracted Drivers

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(Shelby County) More people die in car crashes in Shelby County than any other county in Tennessee.

Several agencies are working together on Tennessee highways this weekend to cut those numbers as much as possible.

A big rig is Tennessee Highway Patrol's secret weapon for Easter weekend.

Officers have one goal in mind: Keeping you and everyone else alive while driving down the highways.

"Do our best to have zero fatalities this weekend. That way no one will be missing from the dinner table at Easter time," Sgt. Chris Richardson said.

Death is a harsh reality, but officers in Shelby County face it everyday.

WREG hopped on the big rig with cameras to get an inside look at what crews will be doing to stop distracted drivers.

Patrol officers had a bird's eye view of drivers riding without seat belts, and even texting and e-mailing behind the wheel.

The lights flashed, and the sirens blared.

Five drivers were pulled over in the hour WREG rode with officers.

"In addition to our regular THP marked units, we also brought down 9 motorcycle units from around the state to help out on this effort," Sgt. Richardson said. "We kicked this off yesterday and just yesterday alone those nine motorcycle units were able to write over 500 citations," he said.

In 2014, more than 35 people have already died on the roads in Shelby County.

"Not only does it affect us, it definitely affects those families, and their friends, and those that come to depend on them everyday," Sgt Richardson explained.

Officers are asking all drivers to slow down, buckle up, and pay attention to the road before another life is taken too soon.


    • bambam84

      All the stuff they have to operate in squad cars (and now big rigs) plus the time spent looking in other people’s cars (WHILE driving), and WE’RE the distracted drivers? How many times do we see THEM talking on cell phones and Rovers during traffic time? Guess it’s only illegal if you’re a civilian. As usual.

      • Thomas H. Evans

        I agree with you to a point, however, there are generally two cops in a car, if not, then you are correct, they have a little too much equipment to deal with to keep their eyes on the road at all times. Regardless, there is entirely too much texting and driving going on, and whatever it takes to stop it or slow it down I’m for it. Just look at the person in front of you at a stop light, if their head is down and their car isn’t moving when the light changes they are more than likely texting; certainly they aren’t praying (I should be)..

  • Munkeeeeeeee

    Cracking down on DD in Shelby county? You’d have two people left driving after that and they’d be white.

  • Kay

    Good it’s about time, I am sick of people with the head and phones up their butts when driving, they are an accident waiting to happen, is that important, is everyone a dr , do they have to talk on the phone constanlty…?…. I wish SCSI and mpd would enforce it, they could issue about 50 citations in about 30 minutes or less. Wake up people and drive,get off the phone, texting and putting on your make up.
    It can wait. Have you ever been in a serious accident? One of Memphis
    Wonderful citizens t boned me, ran the red light and was on her phone of course, no insurance, a record of felony arrests 3pages long and guess what? She is still out there driving, will on you be the next one?Stop texting,talking and driving,

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