MPD Officer Charged With Sexual Assault

(Memphis) A Memphis police officer is facing sexual battery charges for what a woman says he did to her in the back of his squad car.

We first told you about allegations against Officer Meekose Evans in February.

Now the case has moved from investigators to the courtroom.

Investigators say Officer Meekose Evans pulled over a 30-year-old woman at East Wind drive and Raines Road in Whitehaven for a minor traffic violation February 11th.

When she told him she didn’t have a driver’s license, she says he turned the traffic stop into an unwanted sexual encounter.

“It’s wrong. It’s very wrong. I don’t even know why half of them on the force if they are going to be doing all of that,” said Lashea Moore of Whitehaven.

The 30-year-old officer was assigned to the Raines Road substation and was on patrol that evening.

The woman says after Evans stopped her, he told her to drive to a location down the street where there was little traffic.

She says he put her in the back of the squad car and asked her what was she going to do for him, then told her to show him her breast.

When she pulled only a portion of her top down, he reportedly said “I want to see it all,” and forced her to bear it all while he fondled her.

When he was finished, she says he let her go.

A few days, later she reported him after picking him out of a line-up of Raines Road officers.

“That is not something that you would expect out of a police officer of course. That guy should be reprimanded for that,” said Sonia Hills of Whitehaven.

The punishment may be harsher than that.

He could lose his job after only three years on the force.

Evans will have an administrative hearing soon to decide that.

He is out on bond now after spending the night in jail.

WREG discovered Evans was also suspended once before after his wife reported he attacked her.

Later she said they were horsing around and the 911 call was an accident.

Evans was suspended because his bosses said he should have known to call dispatchers an alert them if it was a prank.

In 2012, Evans was one of a long list of officers who received a medal for saving someone’s life.


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