Horrified Neighbors Find Out Child Sexual Predator Lived Next Door

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(Crittenden County) Neighbors reacted with disgust and horror after finding out they had been living next to a child sexual predator.

Youth pastor Arnold Parks turned himself in to Crittenden County deputies and was convicted of sexually assaulting a child last August.

Horrified is the only way some people know how to describe their feelings after finding out someone in their Harvard Yard neighborhood sexually assaulted a 10-year-old relative.

Twenty-nine-year-old Arnold Parks turned himself in to authorities, confessing to sexually assaulting a young girl in his home on Buckingham Road.

It is not known whether the child also lived there.

Parks was sentenced to nine years in prison.

"Nine years will go by too fast," one neighbor said. "I think they should have given him life."

Parks was a youth pastor at Kingdom Seekers International Ministries in West Memphis and worked around children at a behavioral health services center in Marion.

Some people told WREG they always had an uneasy feeling about Parks.

"He was too friendly with the kids...Having kids help him wash his car and things like that," one woman said.

Another woman said her daughter goes to school with the victim and learned about what happened from her child.

"I heard his confession and he was just saying that little girls turn him on. I mean, that's nasty," the woman said, shaking her head.

However, with Parks off the streets, neighbors said they now feel that their children are safe.

"I really think these little girls will actually have a chance now to play safe."

Investigators tell WREG they expect more arrests to be made in connection with the crime.


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