Deputies: Man Smothered Son So He Could Play Video Games

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Cody Wygant

(Homosassa, FL) A Florida man is accused of suffocating his son so he could play video games and watch TV.

Cody Wygant, 24, is charged with third-degree murder and child neglect.

Police say 16-month-old Daymeon Wygant wasn’t breathing when emergency crews arrived at the home Thursday.

The child pronounced dead at a hospital, investigators said.

Wygant said he was frustrated because the boy was crying uncontrollably, preventing him from playing his Xbox games, according to investigators.

He covered the boy’s nose and mouth for three to four minutes until he became lethargic, then placed him in a playpen and covered him with bedding, which was tucked around the boy’s body and head, officials said.

Five hours later when he checked on his son, Daymeon had turned blue and was unresponsive.

Prosecutors say the mother , Wygant’s girlfriend, was not home.

The couple has a 3-month-old daughter, now in custody of the Department of Children and Families.



  • Charlotte Meskovic

    So sad! Someone the baby trusted would do something so horrible all because of a video game, really. I hope he gets to feel the same pain he put his baby through.

  • Janie Noe

    I need to cover his mouth and nose for several hours, cuz I would want to make sure he is not able to do this again! Too bad the game didnt electrocute him while he was playing before he killed a precious angel!

    • Joe Bo

      You are soo on point about the criminal justice system in America. Can you do some research about the 3 white youths who intentionally ran over a Black Man twice in Mississipp. They were driving a pickup truck. Only the driver was charged. The man died in this brutal assault, and there is video footage of this heinous act. White folks don’t talk aboutmthis.

    • SickOfStupidity

      To throw something racist into this thread just shows how absolutely stupid you are. A child dies a horrible death at his fathers’ hand and you post trash like this. Different judges, different states, different everything. Perhaps the african american lady already had a history of abusing her children. Who knows? This is what is keeping our country from healing. So much hatred for someone unlike yourself…sounds like racism at its best. Get over it already and spend all that bad energy on something positive. Loser…

  • ChrisWilliamsisaDoucheBag

    Joe Bo you are stupid. If the story was on here we would talk about it and say how wrong it was to run the black man over. Also this story said the mother wasn’t home. It wasn’t her fault. You need to read the story again so you can comprehend it. You seem to be about like Chris Williams.

  • Carol

    Sometimes we lose focus on what’s important. No matter what race it is their was innocent lives that were lost. We as a people need to prayer for healing because there are a lot of mentally sick people.

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