Repo Man Takes Car…With A 4-Year-Old Asleep Inside

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(Memphis) A 4-year-old was in the backseat of a car when it disappeared from outside his family's home.

Everyone was worried the car had been stolen, the boy along with it.

But it turned out a repo man took the car, never realizing the child was asleep in the backseat.

Ruth Brown, the child's grandma, said she had just driven home and had a lot of stuff in the car.

Her grandson, Kevin, was asleep, so she took some things inside, and when she came back out, the car was gone.

"I was thinking someone stole the car with my child back there, I was so scared," she said.

The 4-year-old was found about 30 minutes later at Cooper and Son Auto Sales, Inc.

Rush said she's angry the person who took the car didn't say anything.

"Ain't nobody said nothing, and everybody was here," she said.

Kevin's mother, Jerrica Leverson, didn't care about the car, and immediately rushed over to the used car dealership to get her son back.

"He's alright. He's on the inside. We gave him some candy to calm down," she said.

"They should've checked the car, and when you saw the child in the car, come bring him to the door, let him come in and let him know you're fixin' to pull the car," she added.

Cooper and Son Auto Sales, Inc., is located at 2552 Elvis Presley Boulevard, which is about seven miles from the family's home.


  • ChrisWilliamsisaDoucheBag

    I think you are right on this one Chris Williams. She needs to sue their butts off. Hope she owns the Used Car lot when she gets done. They should get charged with kidnapping. The little boy could have got hurt or died if he had tried to get out. Hope nobody buys a car from them again. I’m going to put it on FB

  • Bill

    Maybe they should cite her silly tail for not taking the child out of the car. Obviously she was away from the vehice and not dilligently watching the child. Both parties at fault. But if the caretaker had been actually caring for the child, it would have never happened

    • NCOWife2

      Be careful with the hoodrat comment. Bad things happen to hard working people, too. More than likely, this is a Tote-the-Note operation, and she may have been a day or two late with her weekly or bi-weekly payment. This is why it is better to save and pay cash for a car or to do business with larger, more reputable company.

  • Chelle

    Please tell me why grandma left the child in the car? Who in the world would imagine that the car they came to collect would have a sleeping baby inside?

    • MikeBarret

      Now listen I have worked with tow (and yes repo) and it’s required by law to take an inventory as soon as possible, but not in progress. So it’s possible to hook up a car and take it to the lot before you know what’s in it. I didn’t make the laws!

      • MikeBarret

        Also I never touched a car with a person or a pet in it. I’m not excusing the driver here, just saying in a quick pull you hook the collateral and you move.

      • Bill

        trutyhfully, it is probably the only “safe” way to do a repo. The bull about going up to the door and announcing your presence would only put the repo man in danger. Everyone needs to remember, the repo man is not there because these people were singing too loud in church. They can fuss all they want….this one is on the caregiver.

  • David

    Really??? I guess her ‘stuff’ was more important than the child. And if ‘everyone was there’, why didn’t someone else get the child? Finally, just how long does it take to bring some of your ‘stuff’ into the house? Not as long as it takes to hook up a car, I’m sure. Isn’t it illegal to leave a child unattended in a car?

  • ChrisWilliamsisaDoucheBag

    It was a grandmother. It could have taken an extra minute or two. She could have grabbed a load of stuff before she woke the little boy up. The Repo guy was sitting on her street waiting.

  • kay barnett

    Guess the REPO MAN didnt realize that people in Memphis leave sleeping children unattended in cars long enough for their car to be towed and nobody saw it!!! So if anyone deserves charges to be filed, it would be the parents…i had 2 children 111/2 months apart and i understand this situation but when my husband or i unloaded the car, we took a load of stuff into the house, dropped it off inside the door and went back to the car and got the way long enough for the car to be hooked up to a tow truck and towed without him or me seeing it…THINK ABOUT IT! HOW LONG WOULD YOU HAVE TO BE IN THE HOUSE OUT OF EYESIGHT OF THE CAR??? THANK YOU!

  • kay barnett

    ALSO…i am sure the REPO MAN was sitting on her street waiting for her to return to the car for more stuff…which further shows that the child was left unattended for awhile…ok REPO MEN…ALWAYS CHECK THE VEHICLES FOR UNATTENDED CHILDREN, THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! NOT THE PARENTS!

  • David

    Apparently this is another example of the downfall of our society where it’s constant finger-pointing and not accepting responsibility for your actions. The saying, ‘It takes a village’ does NOT mean the repo man is responsible. It starts with parental responsibilities. I come from a family of 12 children. I like to think my parents were the village.

  • Don

    Repo Man Takes Car…With A 4-Year-Old Asleep Inside. Good Job driver, the child appeared to be in good hands.

    The child should have been awakened and helped Grandma carry her packages. This incident would not have happened.
    The driver was not at fault.

    I would think that the DA should look into what charges could be brought on the family for leaving the child in a car for a unknown time in 80 degree weather.

    There is something bad about these people, The mother has contacted a lawyer to see if she should by a Ghetto Lotto ticket. That is outrageous. She needs to be the one to be charged for neglect ion of a child.

  • Don

    I was wondering what those signs on the windows cars and trucks a few years ago that said :” BABY ON BOARD” meant.

    Now I know… IT WAS FOR THE REPO-MAN!!! Now I know.

    Oh by the way, I still have about 6 thousand to sale.

  • ChrisWilliamsisaDummy

    They can grab the car in less than a minute. That simple. Most of you don’t have a clue how fast they can grab a car.

  • David

    Wow! If that’s the case, I need to call them next time I break down on the side of the road! tic…..

  • Landon

    Look before you hook, how about don’t leave your kid in a car. At least it wasn’t too hot or cold out.

  • HardTruth

    Reason why repo types have to hook it quick and go is because if they don’t, auntie, cuz, granma, baby’s mamas start pouring out the house screaming and acting like fools

  • AMB

    It kills me to see such anger and utter ignorance on my screen. I can’t believe in this day and age people still hold such foolishness in their hearts. It’s time to wake up people. This country is going to hell in a hand basket and it’s no wonder that dang near every other modernized country hates us. We don’t even love ourselves. Whether white, black, Indian, or Asian it shouldn’t matter. I see people love to judge others actions or situations, like they are perfect themselves.

    It’s amazing how sitting behind a computer screen gives people the confidence to spew things they wouldnt dare say in a public setting or mixed company. But hey who am I to judge.

  • Justin

    So, the repo guy had the time to pull up, position his truck, hook on to the car, secure it and then drive off with it? REALLY???? Sounds like this child was in there longer than they are initially claiming. Everybody was home she claims and noone saw anything. This child seems to have not been a priority at the time. Of course they are going to blame first instead of reflecting on themselves for leaving the child in the car to begin with. Really? The grandmother deserves to be investigated.

    • Chyna Doll

      It’s kidnapping on the Repo company. It’s against the law to take any person anywhere without consent. Their job is to check and make sure the car is secure and unoccupied before they move it. They couldn’t move it with an adult on the inside. They can legally have charges brought against them and should. Repo companies have started going too far!

  • Marlo

    You all don’t know the reasons or what she go through. Shut the hell up and keep your comments to yourselves,especially the one hollering pay your bills. Are your fuckn bills paid? Do you even have bills? Half of you all are proberly living free without a job.

  • Carol

    Wasn’t repo mans fault! where was the parents??? Story said car was in front of house, WHY then was the sleeping child left in the car to start with? My kids R all grown up now, but I do have grandkids & would NEVER leave one of them sleeping (or awake) in a vehicle alone. The parents or caregiver should be punished for leaving the child in the car!
    That’s all I have to say about that!

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