4 killed by naked gunman in Nashville Waffle House

4-Year-Old’s Comments To Police Land His Father In Jail After Shooting

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(Memphis) It was a scary night for little Cincir, who was thrown into the car by his father, Cartious Patrick.

Police said Patrick was still shooting when he drove away with the 4-year-old in the backseat.

Officials said Patrick and the boy's mother, Priscilla Williams, got into an argument at her house on Kney Rd., while Patrick was trying to pick Cincir up.

"We were talking one minute. Then we got to fighting," Williams said. "Then everyone who was here went in the house."

That is when she said Patrick pulled out a gun and started shooting into the house. Williams' 5-year-old cousin was inside.

"It just so happened we weren't in the room where the bullets came through," Williams said, pointing to bullet holes in her window. "All of us were in the living room, going into the other room. But, that's like the first room we always go to is the room that the bullets went through."

Police said Patrick threw Cincir into the backseat and took off, firing more shots out the window.

Just minutes later, an officer stopped the car because of a broken tail light.

However, thanks to Cincir, the stop led to a lot more than a traffic violation.

Cincir told police his daddy had been shooting, and when officers checked under the seat where the little boy was sitting, they found the gun and various drugs.

Williams said she is proud of her little boy, but mostly, just thankful to have him home safe.

"He's a real strong little boy, to be 4. He really is."

Cartious Patrick faces four counts of aggravated assault, one count of using a firearm in the commission of a dangerous felony, one count of unlawfully possessing a firearm and several drug charges.

He is set to be in court Monday morning.


  • Don

    Cartious Patrick, Little Dude got some of the drugs and blew the whistle that belonged to you and yo girlfriend.
    It appears the police did not charge anyone for reckless endangerment for the mother knowingly allowing the child to be setting on the gun and drugs.
    Well, maybe the mayor can see if he can apologize for Tony Armstrong not doing his job. Or is he retired already?

  • Doug

    Is that Car-shuss or Car-tee-us?

    And, did this Momma realize that this child would be stuck with that name for the rest of his life? Cincir? Really? That’s going straight to the bottom of the resume pile. Second only to a C’Mon that I know. Pronounced See-moan. Life is tough enough, don’t make it harder.

    • icyangelz

      Hey DOUG by the time this little boy gets at working age, his name will match the rest of the babies born of his time. Then a name like Doug will probably be at the bottom because they will assume ur ollllllld..mwahahaha ( all in good humor)

      • donaknowsitall

        I happen to agree with DOUG. Good old-fashioned STRONG names will never go out of style. I can tell just by your post, icyangelz, that you are probably black and more than likely from around this area. Circin is an awful name for a cute little boy like that. Take a look at some millionaires – most name are pretyy common, David, Bill, Michael, etc. However, I will give Circin’s mom and dad creativity.

  • The Real HatesElvis

    Oooh tough computer guys killers of the keyboard, all you guys really are just dumb f uck¡n white men go put a sheet on and ride a horse down Winchester we need a good laugh…

    • donaknowsitall

      Wow, you truly sound like a hater, and not just of Elvis. You hate white men it’s pretty obvious. Who do you work for? A white person or a black person? Just curious because the majority of business owners. i. e. employers are non-black. And if you hate non-blacks so bad you must hate your boss too huh? Must be tough hating so many people, you must be really really tired at the end of the day.

  • Johnathan Bell

    He was jus upset & mad at the fact that it is a good man around who’s has something going for his self & yall knw hw nothings as father doesn’t want any that’s doing better den dem around their children good morning #godbless

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