Neighbor Suspects Animal Abuse in Fayette County, Calls Sheriff

(Fayette County, TN) A ball hanging from a horse’s belly isn’t a typical sight, so it caught Ricky Dyer’s eye as he was driving by a farm on Orr Road, prompting him to call the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.

“I saw a horse that appeared to have a kettle ball hanging from its body, tied to it on a piece of twine that appeared to be cutting into him, ” Dyer said.

He also saw a dog basically hanging after wrapping itself around a tree.

When Dyer came to show WREG cameras what he saw, the dog was free, and the man who cares for the horses was there.

He says the horse with the ball was dropped off at the property a week-and-a-half ago, and was kicking the other horses, so he tied the ball on it to keep it from doing that. The chain was meant to stop it from chasing the other horses.

Horse experts we spoke with say neither of these practices are common or safe for the horse. They say the chain could easily break the horse’s leg.

The man says if this property did not exist, then these horses, barn cats and dogs would just be left to die.

Dyer said, “The issue I have, that originally pulled me over was the dog. We probably do not see eye-to-eye on that.”

Dyer says he is asking friends and family to consider taking the dog to a better home.

Fayette County Sheriff’s say most of the animals on the land came from even worse situations and that they are being rehabilitated, but they will follow up with the concerned call.


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