Family Arrested In East High School Brawl

(Memphis) Police say a family caused problems at East High School big enough for them to be thrown in jail Wednesday.

It started as a fight, and one student’s parents were called to pick her up.

Tamika Price, the student’s mom, and Madarius Jones, the student’s brother, showed up.

However, that only made things worse.

Police say Jones and his little sister ran around the school looking for trouble.

When security tried to stop the duo, their mother jumped in.

It turned into an all out brawl at East High School.

“That’s kind of scary that it gets to that point,” John Freeman, a man who lives near the school, said.

What started out as a fight between students turned into somewhat of a family affair.

As security tried getting them out of the school, police report Jones and his little sister kept trying to break away and fight again.

Security officers stopped them, but not for good.

WREG was told Jones and the student ran out of the building and into another entrance.

They were stopped again before another fight could break out.

“I would hope that there would be some more professional attitudes and that kind of thing and people could just come together and work it out instead of just getting into a fight.” Freeman said.

However, the student broke away once again.

While officers tried taking her down, Jones reportedly began throwing fists and punching security officers.

“Things can really happen fast,” Freeman said. “I know you get upset, somebody says the wrong word to you as a parent man you’re going to fly off the handle,” he said.

Police said Tamika Price did just that — pushing officers after they pepper sprayed her and her children to get things under control.

“One thing leads to another words may be said but I just — it’s scary that could happen in a city school. It’s just scary,” Freeman said.

Jones and Price both bonded out of jail on Thursday.

The student was taken to juvenile court.


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