Expanded Farmers Market Brings Healthier Food To Memphis

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(Memphis)  Grocery shopping isn't something most of us get excited about, but the first shoppers at the South Memphis Farmer's Market Grocer are happy to have this convenience.

The area was classified a food desert by the FDA because of the lack of access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

The farmer's market is located at the corner of Mississippi and South Parkway.

The two grocery stores closest to this area are both at least 2.5 miles away, not very convenient if you don't have a car.

The farmers market is a project of the South Memphis Revitalization Action Plan, a resident led effort.

The farmer's market used to open once a week during the summer months and only offered fruits and vegetables.

Today, it's a full service store open 6 days a week with meat, canned goods and other basics.

The grocer at the South Memphis Farmer's Market is one piece of a larger plan to bring new jobs and opportunities to an area plagued by poverty.




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