Arrest Made In Beating Of Elderly West Memphis Woman

(West Memphis, AR) Two people have been arrested after an 89-year-old woman in West Memphis, Ark., was beaten so badly a bloody footprint was left on her face.

It was just after 9 p.m. Monday when Allene Durdin answered her door and was beaten and robbed in her North McAuley Drive home.

She had seven broken ribs, a broken nose and bleeding of the brain, according to her granddaughter.

Arrested were Terrio Pope, 19, and Ramon Huntley, 17, both of West Memphis.

Both are charged as adults with Aggravated Residential Burglary, Battery 1st Degree and Robbery.

Each is being held on a $350,000 bond.

West Memphis police say the two forced themselves into Dardin’s home on N. McCauley Dr., then beat and robbed her.

Dardin was on the phone with her best friend and neighbor, Becky Creasy, when the men attacked.

“I heard her screaming on the phone,” Creasy said, choking back tears.

Creasy said she cannot understand why someone would do this to her friend.

“[She is] giving, loving, sharing… she’s a wonderful Christian woman.”

Valerie Hyatt, Durdin’s granddaughter, told us before the arrests, “I want them to know that was a coward move. We are actively trying to figure out who you are, and you best believe you are going to be caught.”

Thursday, Hyatt was still wearing the hospital badge after visiting her grandmother when she stopped by Dardin’s home to make sure it was still locked up.

While she said her grandma is recovering, she still has a long way to go.

News of two arrests in the case has now brought her family some relief.

“I think we all could run up and down the hallways of the hospital hollering and jumping,” Hyatt said, describing the moment her family found out.

As for the two arrested for the crime, Hyatt said, “You all deserve everything you are fixing to get, everything you already got. I’m glad you got caught.”


  • IA_Adam (@IA_Adam)

    Another non-hate crime to be swept under the rug.

    The real definition of white “privilege” is the “privilege” of being targeted for bona fide hate crimes and having your own government protect the people who did it to you.

    FU democrats… You destroyed the country, and one day, this country is going to destroy you back.

  • Captain Obvious

    Everyone of course was shocked to find out that they were black!!! Surprise of the century!

  • bmwjen

    He also insisted they had to be white because of the neighborhood. Good to call him out Ugolee Truth!

  • SayNoMore

    @Chris Williams, there are many unsolved crimes in the USA and other nations that involve all ethnic groups. Better to wish that crime in the USA would decrease, especially amongst our Black youths the violent over viciousness as displayed here. If robbery was the goal, this lady could have been easily robbed and placed in the bathroom (unharmed) while they ran away. They got caught because they were sloppy, dumb, vicious criminals and somebody saw enough to help the police narrow the leads and catch them. This Black woman is so very glad they are caught and locked up!!

  • terrie

    oh just shut up chriswilliams! You;re too stupid to waste time over. they called it days ago. The difference is these BOYS did this in Ark and they dont take kindly to little black boys trying to act tuff. We’ll see them fry!!!

  • Joe Bo

    Hopefully thes two Black Men will go to the same place along with the middle aged White Lady that killed her 6 infant infants.

  • Chris Williams

    @ Terrie…..You need to purchase HOOKED ON PHONICS before you make another public comment. You sound like an “English As a Second Language” student.

  • Howard Stern

    The white man has kept me down my whole life and you don’t see me going around beating old ladies, dumbass.

  • whoyoukiddin

    What year are you living in? No one is suppressing anyone. This is pure thugery at it’s best. Now if you lived in the 1800’s that is another story, but get in the 2000’s and quit blaming people for your downfall. Blame yourself.

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