Untested Rape Kits Found In Shelby Sheriff’s Office

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(Memphis) Shelby County Sheriff Bill Oldham said Wednesday his department has found 300 untested rape kits.

He said he discovered them sitting in the Memphis Police Department in 2010 after WREG uncovered the thousands of untested kits at MPD.

Oldham said he has budgeted $75,000 to have the rape kits tested.

His legal advisor gave this statement:

"In the summer of 2013, the Sheriff's Office began receiving more untested kits from the MPD. To date, a total of 314 kits have been provided by MPD, many from the 1990s. Of those, 26 had already been to the TBI lab, eight belonged to another agency, 57 are currently at the TBI lab, 50 have been sent to a private company (Cellmark) at the Sheriff's expense, 67 must be tested by TBI based on the type of DNA involved (touch rather than fluid) and one is ready to go for testing. Since last summer, 209 have been researched & determinations made. There are 105 untested kits left to be researched and sent to the private company where appropriate."

Oldham made the announcement during a budget meeting, and he said when he took office, in 2010, he made it a rule that rape kits must be tested within three days of a crime.

Also at the meeting, Oldham is asking municipalities to pay for deputies who act as school security guards.

Oldham said right now, he is under budget by $2 million. He's been slashing overtime and pinching pennies.

He said that has not affected the community. Crime is down 12.3 percent.

Read more about the backlog of rape kit tests in the Memphis Police Department.


  • Bytemeagain

    “Found” in the department? This problem just keeps getting bigger and bigger. People should go to jail for this….obstruction of justice perhaps?

  • bambam84

    $75,000, for THREE hundred backlogged kits, that were simply “found,” at the department, which the public never gets to see and simply has to “take their word for it?” Come on, people…..

  • DetlaEB

    Looks like a new office crew should be hired. Bet if the Sheriff’s Dept hired us OLD retired office workers, this would not have HAPPENED.. “WE” could get that place in order in no time. Maybe the City could use a little help from this group also. .

  • Janice

    I guess Oldham was influenced by Mayor Wharton & Police Chief Armstrong! Come on you racist…I can’t hear your comments now. One word ~ hypocrisy!

  • Go Grizz

    If the muni’s have to pay for police in the schools, then the county needs to take over policing their schools. I get tired of handling calls on county property. The Memphis tax-payers are getting screwed on this deal. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • Melanie Dodd

    I am a Registered Nurse, BSN who would love the opportunity to help with these kits. I will provide my services for free for a very short duration of time. These kits could be knocked out in a week if a single professional would dedicate his or herself to the task.. Contact me and I will provide you my RN license number and resume. Let’s get this started.

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