This Product May Make Ironing Boards A Thing Of The Past

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(WREG-TV) Getting out the ironing board every time you need to press out a few wrinkles might become a thing of the past.

The Above Edge Magnetic Ironing Mat claims it can transform any magnetic or flat surface into an instant ironing board, saving you space and time...but Does It Work?

Lea Ann Grantham is a stay-at-home mom constantly tackling the endless mound of laundry.

"There is only three of us, but somehow it just multiples."

She presses her husband's shirts and, "My little girl wears uniforms to school, so she has a lot of those Peter Pan collars that need touch-ups."

She was happy to see how small and compact theĀ Above Edge Magnetic Ironing Mat was since she tends to lug her ironing board around.

"A lot of times, I'll take my ironing board from upstairs to downstairs which is a hassle. I'm hoping this will be more convenient!"

She started off with ironing on a towel, since when you're in a hurry, you tend to grab that first.

"It moves around a lot, especially when you go to flip it. You're liable to lose your towel...I have a little towel lint all over the dress."

Then it was time to put the Above Edge Magnetic Ironing Mat to a hot iron.

"This is so much better than lugging the ironing board, and it's quick."

"Anyone can use it! Especially for those with children and you're running out in the mornings, or running to work. I like the mat. I think it passed!"

Above Edge Magnetic Ironing Mat, you passed the Does It Work test!

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    But how many different things in your household would contain flat magnetic surfaces? Refrigerators and deep freezes, anndddd?

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