Six Kids Killed From Abuse And Neglect Remembered

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(Memphis) The Child Advocacy Center in Memphis raised a flag Wednesday to remember the lives of children who died from abuse or neglect.

The flag raising was just two days after the Medical Examiner's Office revealed 7-week-old Aniston Walker was murdered.

However, the people who should have been amongst the crowd remembering the victims are the same people police believe are responsible for their deaths.

Six children were not given the chance to live.

Among the crowd in front of City Hall to remember their lives, the faces of the victims' loves ones were missing.

In most of these cases, which are filled with details too hard to hear, the children's own family members are charged in their deaths.

"When kids live with violence abuse and neglect it compromises their whole future," Virginia Stallworth, Executive Director of the Memphis Child Advocacy Center (CAC), said.

The CAC holds the event every year.

"In some tragic cases, children simply don't survive," Stallworth said.

Organizers raised a flag to remember.

"Ciriya West, Jeremiah and Joshua Briggs, Kayla Andrews, Aniston Walker, and Andrea Ruth," Stallworth called out the victims names.

A white dove was released for each child.

"As innocent youth, each was robbed of the future the children of Memphis and Shelby County deserve," Rhynette Northross Hurd, Vice Chair of the CAC Board of Directors, said.

City leaders said the murdered kids deserve to be remembered and for things to be made right.

"These children deserve justice," Northross Hurd said. "Justice that includes holding those responsible accountable."

Organizers hope people will take these stories and make life better for the next generation.


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