Pontotoc County Deputy On Paid Leave Folllowing Beale Street Shooting Incident

(Pontotoc County, MS) Pontotoc County Deputy John Logan was off duty April 12th, when he shot a man six times during a fight on Beale Street.

He is now on paid leave while the incident is being investigated by his boss, Pontotoc County Sheriff Leo Mask.

Although the Shelby County DA has said Logan won’t be charged in the shooting.

While Deputy Logan isn’t talking about what happened on Beale Street, his friends are vocal about their support for the lawman.

Wednesday, there were several cars outside Deputy John Logan’s home south of Pontotoc, Miss.

One of them was a Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Department patrol car.

If Deputy Logan was home, he didn’t answer when we knocked on the door.

Logan’s on paid leave while his boss, Sheriff Leo Mask,  investigates a shooting the off- duty deputy was involved in April 12th on Beale Street in Memphis.

Mark Martinez was shot six times by Deputy Logan after Martinez reportedly groped a female friend of Logan.

Both Logan and Martinez had been drinking and Martinez said he doesn’t remember much.

After a fight, Logan fired his personal, off-duty weapon at Martinez.

The shooting was ruled self-defense and Deputy Logan wasn’t charged.

Hazel Davidson lives in Pontotoc County and has known Deputy Logan all his life.

“I think he’s a fine person, I really do. I think he’s a very fine person,” said Davidson.

She said she believes John Logan did what he “thought he had to do.”

“He’s not the type person that would have started something and that would have just went out on his own and done this. He had to have a good reason, was pushed into it.” Said Hazel Davidson.

Nolene Wolfe is Logan’s next door neighbor.

She said she’s glad the deputy stood his ground.

“If somebody had jumped on me, I would protect myself. I would do whatever I had to do,” said Wolfe.

Mark Martinez is upset the Deputy wasn’t charged with anything and said he’s never had a chance to tell his side of the story.

People who know John Logan say they want him back on the job, patrolling Pontotoc County, like he was hired to do.

“And we want him back doing his job. Because we feel safer when he’s in this area,” said Davidson.

We don’t know the extent of Deputy Logan’s injuries.

But Deputy Logan’s father, who would not appear on camera,  told us Wednesday he’s glad to have his son alive.


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