Man Who Fought To Save Children’s Lives Loses His In Crash

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(Memphis) As the bone marrow transplant coordinator at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, 33-year-old Josh Bichelman worked to save lives, but in the blink of an eye, he lost his own.

He was a husband and father to a young son.

The crash happened on April 5 at the intersection of Walnut Grove and Mendenhall.

Police said Bichelman was driving down Walnut Grove, trying to turn left onto Mendenhall.

That's when witnesses say Memphis firefighter Lt. Raymond Glover ran a red light, forcing Bichelman's car into a utility pole.

Bichelman was pronounced dead on the scene.

Lt. Glover was off duty at the time of the crash and was not given a sobriety test.

Memphis police are still investigating the crash.

However, the District Attorney's Office said even if Glover ran the light, he would most likely only be given a traffic violation, not criminal charges.

They say criminal intent would have to be proven or another factor would have had to contribute to the cause of the crash.

WREG tried to speak with Glover at Fire Station 8 Wednesday, but he refused to talk.

Memphis police, fire and the DA's office also declined to do interviews.

Bichelman's family said they appreciate WREG investigating why Glover has not been charged, but are too emotional to speak about the crash yet.

Police could not say when their investigation will be complete.


  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    Ok WEIRICH now im going to start agreeing with a lot of people. Apparently that LEUT was not working. What he did is outright VEHICULAR HOMICIDE!!! YOU are.going to $&@% around and joe brown IS going to upseat u. I totally disagree with your.decision and am looking at u in a tottally different light now. U just lost every single.bit of my respect!!!!

    • MikeBarret

      Weirich is way too busy investigating old sexual assault kits to explain why an off duty firefighter was given special treatment and didn’t get tested for DUI. Oh wait she ain’t doing that either. Well what does she do all day aside from putting black males in prison for marijuana??

      I hope this doesn’t help out Joe Clown.

  • M

    People this was an ACCIDENT. I hope you are never placed in the unfortunate position of accidentally running a red light and killing someone. Id venture to say 90% of memphians have blown a red light at some time in their life. And if you do and someone dies…I hope you get locked away so your family never sees you cause that’s what your wishing on this man. Accidents happen and people die. That doesn’t mean we charge them with homicide because they work for the city. I hope karma finds you. Ps you only get tested for DUI if you show signs of it on scene. This man is going through enough without you and the irresponsible media tearing him to shreds.

  • Whatever !!!

    There was a Death, they should have checked him. Somebody is part of the good ole boy network. Weirich is a c–t, oh it rhymes with Hunt. Hope they vote her out.

  • A

    A person runs a red light at a speed enough to force a car head on into a utility pole that kills someone and they walk away themselves uninjured?! Almost everytime this happens the person has been drinking. That’s why they walk away as they are so relaxed. Saturday night at 10:30……?!

  • Randy Brown

    The same thing happened to Janice Fulliove. She hit a car and injured a kid coming out of the casinos. Nothing happened to her aass AND she had been drinking. She gets away with everything. How many times has she been charged with DUI and didn’t do time and is still driving and is still on the City Council. Go Figure

  • Amelia

    A simple solution would be to drug test everyone involved in a VH crash or any crash. That way, no one can get off the hook, and if the police fail to do it, then charges can be pressed against them too. All the details have not been revealed, but I feel the family deserves for a court to decide the fate of the off duty firefighter. And yes, I’m sure he is going through hell, He will have to live with the fact that he killed a boy’s father and a woman’s husband. But, that doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be held accountable for this actions, in whatever way the court sees fit.

  • julie

    Wow, I have passed this intersection twice a day for years and just noticed this story because I knew the brick and iron ‘fence’ around that lot instantly, it is constantly tore up. I bet they just got tired of fixing it for years on end. Oh my goodness love to the family. Please watch out for each other! A good man was lost!

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