District Attorney Explains Why She’s Not Charging Off-Duty Deputy Who Shot Man Six Times

(Memphis) There are more questions and still no answers about why an off-duty deputy won’t face charges for shooting someone six times off Beale Street.

Mark Martinez wants to know why District Attorney General Amy Weirich decided not to file charges before even talking to him.

Tuesday, Weirich admitted she closed the case while Martinez was still in a coma, so he never got to tell his side of the story.

“Everything we have points to self-defense,” said Weirich, adding that this case is closed for now. “Often times there are horrible and tragic events that we can’t charge criminally for.”

Martinez said he will be in the hospital for two more months recovering after off-duty Ponotoc County, Miss., deputy John Logan shot him six times early Saturday morning.

“When I woke up, I thought I was dead. I thought I’m dead, because everything was white,” said Martinez.

The deputy told police Martinez groped his friend, sparking a huge fight and forcing him to fire his pistol.

WREG talked to the woman who said she was groped.

She said Logan was beat so bad, he was knocked unconscious, and when he came to, he fired his gun.

Martinez said he doesn’t remember much, but he would never grope a girl, and said he’s never been a fight.

“You cannot carry a weapon while intoxicated, but if you carry a weapon while intoxicated, and you use that weapon in self-defense, there’s nothing the law can do,” said Weirich.

Today, when WREG asked MPD Director Toney Armstrong about the case, he stood by Weirich’s decision that only took her hours to make.

He said this was a “peaceful resolution.”

WREG asked Weirich if she thought the deputy put anyone else in danger when he shot his gun while drunk, and there was at least eight people around the scene.

She responded, “Well sure, I think I said yesterday. Thankfully the victim didn’t die.”

Weirich doesn’t plan on filing any charges unless she hears or sees new evidence, which could happen since she still hasn’t heard from Martinez.

There is surveillance video, but Weirich said it wasn’t useful.


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