High Beef Prices Impacting Food Bank

(Memphis) Shoppers Beware: your trip to the grocery store is getting pricier.

The cost of beef is the highest it's been in almost three decades.

It's not only breaking your budget, but food banks across the Mid-South are taking a hit.

"We purchase a great deal of the food we distribute," said Mid-South Food Bank President Estella Mayhue-Greer. "We haven't been able to purchase the meat because of the high cost."

The price of beef is skyrocketing, and it's forcing more and more people to turn to the Mid-South Food Bank for help.

It's wiping out their shelves. Just this year, they've handed out 629,000 pounds of various meat.

"Families cannot afford to buy meat at this time, particularly senior citizens. We've had seniors tell us they haven't been able to purchase meat in months," said Mayhue-Greer.

The U.S.D.A said right now, beef prices averaged $5.28 a pound. It's up a quarter since January, and the highest since 1987.

Shoppers said this is going to hurt families the most.

"And if they feed kids, that's what they like to eat," said one shopper.

You can blame supply and demand. For the past few years, horrible droughts and high grain prices hurt the supply, and now, we're exporting more cattle to countries like China.

"That definitely has an impact," said Mayhue-Greer. "We are hoping we will get donations to provide because protein is very important for children and seniors we serve."

Click here to donate to the Mid-South Food Bank.

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