Arkansas OBGYN Charged With Video Voyeurism

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Dr. Paul Becton

(Paragould, AR) An arrest warrant is being issued for a Dr. Paul Becton of Paragould, AR.

Becton, 68, is charged with five counts of video voyeurism, a class D felony.

Becton, who is a OBGYN, allegedly took nude photographs of a female patient during a medical examination without her knowledge.

According to a news release, “the patient became suspicious after the examination that she may have been photographed and reported her concern to the Paragould Police Department.”

Becton specializes in obstetrics and gynaecology and has an OBGYN practice in Paragould.


  • MikeBarret

    I always wondered how a woman would be comfortable with a male OB/GYN. Maybe it just seems more sterile?

      • MikeBarret

        Maybe that makes sense. When I go to the Dr. and he does the unfortunate but fast GRAB and WOOHOO every year it’s my normal Dr. who’s a guy. Neither of us is comfortable and we know it but it has to be done and for some reason I rather have my normal Dr. do it than go find a woman Dr. to do it.

  • MRG

    No woman should ever be examine by a Doctor (male/female) without a nurse or person of your choice present. A patient has the legal right to request this when getting ready for any exam.

    • bmwjen

      I always thought that was unnecessary….My foot is real close to their head and have hand enough exams to know good touch from bad.

  • Cindy

    Yes, EMR’s are invaluable tools in todays modern medical practices. However, it is done on designated equipment(not the doctor’s personal phone), and you always are asked to give your consent beforehand. Thiss sounds like itwas an illegal invasion of her privacy, and if convicted he should pay accordingly.

  • Darby

    Is there any actual evidence that this happened? Other than she felt like her picture was taken and told the police? She could be an angry patient seeking revenge or just paranoid. If he didn’t do it, she just ruined his reputation. Now it’s on the news and undoubtedly will cause his practice suffer. Seems very wrong to display these accusations if all is just alleged at this point.

  • Vincy

    I being a resident of Arkansas would like to learn more before tearing down this doctors shield!..Wondering if it’s a procedure done to study certain lessions or growths, and to later come back to see if there’s been any changes!..But, that’s just me!..I’d like to learn more over coming days to hear his attorney’s side of the said Dr’s explanation bringing us to these events!…

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