Man Killed In Olive Branch Shooting, Family Says

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(Olive Branch, MS) A man was shot and killed in Olive Branch, his family says.

Police say the man was 26 years old.

A neighbor said he heard five shots, then found out his cousin was shot next door.

Other family members then called him to tell him his cousin died.

The man we spoke with says he doesn't know who shot his cousin or why.

The shooting happening on Chateau Road.

This is the first homicide in Olive Branch this year.


  • Mom

    Some people make me literally sick because they are so sick! What difference does it make what color this man was? We were ALL created equally. And on another note, just watch….and wait. Folks think running to various outskirts of Memphis saves them from crime, drugs, problems. Think again. It happens everywhere. It’s just some places are more populated and get more attention. You can run but you can’t hide. Face reality people. I’ve seen so much “undercover” crime in Germantown, Arlington, Lakeland, Olive Branch….it isn’t even funny. Here, kids have the money to get the drugs and stuff they need easily; in other areas, kids are more apt to commit crimes to gain the same. IN FACT, I’ve seen MORE drug activity in above mentioned areas (only it’s in mom and dad’s house and not on the streets). I’ve seen police let children go “if you give me your stuff”. I’ve seen many a wealthy and seemingly “good kid” (white, black and blue) either die, become addicted, or end up in jail. Give me a break.

    • mr. matt

      please mom it doesnt even compare to the violence of the inner city, i laugh my butt off when i hear folks try to say it happens everywhere like it is the same problems at an equal rate. i will take my chances in the areas people are running to rather than take my chances in the places people are running from

    • John Smith

      Mom you are so right on,why do people take time to down the other race when something of this nature happens. I live in Kentucky and the Meth use and crime tired to it is unreal. Need I say that the biggest users of Meth are Whites Just the other day a young white boy in Pennsylvaina stabbed 20 of his class mates in school. Let’s stop being so racial and start working together to solve some of these problems

  • mr. matt

    ok first of all, this is NOT a new neighborhood, there is a fairly new neighborhood connected to chataeu ridge but chateau ridge has been there for dang near 30 years, it is without a doubt the craphole hood of olive branch. everybody here knows it and knows exactly why.we have only had a handful of murders in 10 plus years and at least one i can think of happen on lafayette street in this nieghborhood over a 20 dollar superbowl bet. so yea it happens everywhere, because walfare abusing section 8 living food stamp abusing PEOPLE are there feeding the drugs to everybody while they kill each other at the same time

    • Mom

      A fence, like running….a big help. Who’s laughing? My goodness people are really serious thinking that somehow where they run makes it somehow better. I get you want a “better neighborhood” and all, but if you don’t take what I say totally literally….and think about the FACTS. Well, that’d be asking too much, I know.

  • badinfluence

    Mr Matt is right. The inner city is where most of the crime is. People move away from the thugs in order to enjoy life, but after a while, the thugs follow the people that are trying to get away from them. When the thugs move in, decent people start to leave again. It happens over and over. Unfortunately, Mr Matt described the thugs EXACTLY right.

  • Joe

    I “ran” from Hickory Hill and moved to Collierville. If folks want to live in Hickory Hill, Frayser, Orange Mound, South Memphis or Whitehaven that is fine with me. However when your Auntie or Cousin gets blown away, don’t blame me. Because I’m telling you now, those are very dangerous places and living there is truly unsafe. Been there and done that.



    All streets are connected in some shape or fashion …. The hood runs the streets …. Go where, think people its us to blame… Instead of helping or giving great advice we leave our thoughts to the internet …

    People please the streets are watching and it is the fight you have inside of yourself to face whatever life brings to you . Crime is apart of being human we all may not do it but its something we all have to deal with any and everywhere …. DEAL WITH IT !


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