Out-Of-State Students At University Of Memphis Could Pay Less

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(Memphis) Starting this fall, out-of-state students attending the University of Memphis could pay less.

The university requested reduced fees for out-of-state students, plus further reductions for out-of-state undergraduates who live within 250 miles of Memphis.

The proposals were submitted to the Tennessee Board of Regents late last week, and, if approved, would apply to continuing students and those already admitted to the university or who meet incoming admissions requirements.


A 12-hour cap on credits for out-of-state undergraduate, graduate and law school students was also requested.

This would mean undergraduates wouldn’t pay additional out-of-state fees for more than 12 class hours. Graduate students would pay $488 per credit hour for any additional credits over nine, but capped at 12. Law school students would also have a 12-hour cap.

Interim president Brad Martin said, “We know from experience that more than 50 percent of the out-of-state students who graduate from the University of Memphis stay and work in the Memphis area. We believe these prices will permit us to attract more high-quality students to our campuses in Memphis and Jackson, who will make a contribution to the University of Memphis, our communities, and the Drive to 55.”

The projected $1.7 million impact of reducing out-of-state fees would be offset by “enrollment growth, organization realignment, cost savings and other efficiency measures currently underway,” the university said.

Little Rock, St. Louis, Birmingham and Jackson, Miss., are all in the proposed 250-mile radius.

Students who live in the border counties (Crittenden County, Ark., and DeSoto, Tate, Tunica and Marshall Counties in Miss.) already attend the university at in-state rates.

The University of Memphis has already announced it will not recommend a tuition increase for the 2014-15 school year.

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  • Law School is Not Worth It

    Avoid law school like the plague!!! That is, unless $200,000+ in non-dischargeable student loan debt, no job, and living in your parents’ basement is your idea of fun.

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