Man: Off-Duty Deputy Got Away With Shooting Me 6 Times

(Memphis) A man wants to know why police aren’t charging an off-duty Mississippi deputy.

He said the deputy shot him six times near Beale Street.

The deputy told Memphis police the other man groped a woman, got into a fight with him, then the deputy opened fire and ran off.

“When I woke up, I thought I was dead. I thought I’m dead, because everything was white,” said Mark Martinez.

Martinez came to Memphis for a construction job.

His first week here, he went partying on Beale Street, and said he drank so much, he blacked out.

Police told Martinez he was shot by off-duty Ponotoc County deputy John Logan, because Logan said he groped a girl he was with.

“We must have started wrestling, and I must have hit him or what not. Then he hit me with a gun, but if you’re an off-duty cop, you shouldn’t have a gun on you, especially if you’re drunk. That’s what they were saying,” said Martinez.

Police said they found a pistol strapped to Logan’s ankle and a knife in his pocket.

“He said it was self-defense. That’s all it was, self-defense,” said Martinez.

WREG talked to the girl who said she was groped by Martinez. She didn’t want to go on camera, but said a huge fight broke out, a homeless man even jumped in.

She said Logan was beat so bad, he fell on the ground.

That’s when he fired his gun. Martinez said he was shot in the leg, arm and back.

Martinez said he’s never been in a fight and would never grope a girl.

“No. I’m not capable. I wouldn’t do anything like that,” said Martinez.

Martinez’s mom said self-defense doesn’t require six shots, and “they are doing nothing, because he’s a cop, and we are Hispanic.”

The Shelby County District Attorney’s office said right now, there’s not enough information to file charges, because it’s unclear who started what.

Martinez was told there is surveillance video of the fight.

Martinez said MPD hasn’t even asked for his side of the story.

“It made me feel like they were all playing a team. Their own team. Their cop system or whatever,” said Martinez.

Logan was placed on paid leave.

His friend told WREG he joined the force in December 2013.

Martinez said he will be in the hospital another two months before he fully recovers.


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