Shooting Ruled Justifiable Homicide

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(Memphis 4/15/2014) A shooting near Belle Haven and Third Monday morning has been ruled justifiable homicide.

Police say it appears the man who was shot, Chester Luckett, was trying to rob the man who shot him.

(Memphis) Neighbors in a southwest Memphis community woke up to gunshots instead of their alarm clocks Monday morning.

Memphis police have someone in custody, but no charges have been filed.

Behind the crime tape and flashing lights on Belle Haven and Third Street, police detectives said a man was shot and killed just after 4:30 a.m.

"I just came over here," Danny Webster said.

Webster told WREG his brother lives in the house, along with a wife and two children, where police found a body in the front yard.

"He just gave me a call and said somebody just tried to kill him," Webster explained.

The homeowner works at a nightclub and usually gets off around 4 a.m., according to Webster.

"I was kind of worried," Webster explained.  "I rushed over here."

Kendra Priestly, whose mother lives on the block, also rushed to the scene.

"My mom called me about 5, 5:25 this morning. She said she heard a couple shots," Priestly said.

Her mom lives a few houses away from the crime scene.

"It's scary. I was worried about her. So I came over," Priestly said.

Neighbors stood on their porches and looked out of windows as they tried to figure out what caused the early morning commotion.

"Trying to find out what happened myself," Webster said.

Many questions remain for the community.

Until they get answers, neighbors like Priesly, said they will be holding on to one another a little closer than they did before.

The investigation is ongoing, and detectives are asking anyone with information to give them a call at 901-636-3300.


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