Car Ends Up In Hallmark Store, Barely Missing Little Girl

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(Germantown, TN) A toy train may have saved a little girl from serious injury Monday morning.

Witnesses say an 85-year-old woman must have hit the gas and smashed through Debbie's Hallmark store on Poplar Avenue near Forest Hill Irene.

The car stopped two feet short of Collierville resident Jennifer Young, who paying at the sales counter.

"All of the sudden we hear this loud crash! It was enormous!" Young said.

Normally, Young said her 3-year-old daughter would have been next to her, right where the car stopped, but instead she was playing with a train set in the rear of the store.

Young pulled the driver from the car when it began smoking.

No injuries were reported.

The owner of the store, Debbie Whidden, said she hopes to have it back open by Tuesday.


  • David

    Why in the hell is an 85 year-old woman driving to begin with? When are we going to institute mandatory driving re-test for anyone over a certain age, perhaps 70…

  • TaylorSwiftFan

    I also think 85 is WAY too old to drive!
    When are they going to institute mandatory testing after 70?
    There’s too many of these people crashing and even killing just to retain independence. How many have to be killed before they wake up?

  • Jpooka

    We should retest them right after we move mandatory driving age to 20, if you really want to save some lives and cut accidents just check their stats. This is 2014 and we can’t discrimanate and it must be fair. Old people don’t have the wrecks like young people do.

    Per mile driven, teen drivers ages 16 to 19 are three times more likely than drivers aged 20 and older to be in a fatal crash, per the CDC.

  • George S

    What does age have to do with???
    I hear stories quite often of mostly middle aged or younger people plowing through and into store fronts. What about the guy who plowed into the daycare last week, he was in his 30s!

  • Donna

    I went to this hallmark with a friend. My friend told the owner Debbie that i was Jewish. The owner then kept following me around the store asking me why the jewish people are so tight with their money,i replied we work hard for our money and it should not matter hw we spend our money. She still kept harassing me. My friend spend over 100 dollars in her store! I felt very uncomfortable she was following me around the store until i went to the register Asking me over and over this question. My friend later called the owner and the owner said she did not care how we felt and did not want our business she said she has plenty of customers and that we were probally up to no good! Believe me this ownerDebbie does not have anything in her little store that we cannot afford to buy. So if you are Jewish i would suggest that you shop elsewhere as this owner clearly does not like jewish people. These attitudes And remarks is what puts our people in danger. She is not better then us nor will she ever be!

      • Donna

        @Nonya no , i do not own any businesses of any kind. That is not my point. all im saying is dont belittle and ask

        questions that show jealousy It does not do anything but make that person look like a fool. It was totaly uncalled for out of line and i could have easly said some hurtful things to her but i chose not to be in her level. My friend just lost her only 28 year old son. We wanted to go and shop to help the pain. In doing so she saw a statue fugurine angel of a mother holding a flag for a loved one that has passed. She was already depressed. This woman was out of line! And even if i did have a store that does not make her remarks right. If it were said to you, im sure you would be upset as well.

  • Lisa

    @Donna, I would not be too concerned. This woman is sheer ignorance. Trust me, pure ignorance. I personally know this to be true and that is all I will say.

  • Donna

    @Lisa, thanks. I also wanted to point out that my friend husband is a retired police officer. She had just lost her only son who was also a police officer. She did not need the insults as i did not as well. She implied thatvwe were up to no good and that she was recently in a meeting that was discussed if people complain ,it usually means they are up to something So ignorant!we were merely shopping and trying to enjoy our day. Apparently this Debbie woman thinks shes something special and shes not! Profiling people she knows nothing about. Thanks for understanding.i guess you must know personally what kind of a person she is. And the thing is, i really liked her merchandise and wanted to buy another bracelet but she does not want me in her store because im jewish. What is this world coming to!

    • For Real

      And this has what to do with this story? They make websites like Yelp for complaining about businesses.

    • Lisa

      @Donna, Yes, I personally know all too well.

      By the way, there are many gift shops in Memphis that are much much better than this Hallmark store. Babcocks is a good one. “Typical” people with some class selling really nice gifts. Sometimes I think online shopping is the way to go… And have lunch with your friend.

      • Lisa

        @ForReal… It has to do with not only can cars hurt people… But people’s Attitudes and Words can do far more damage. Thank You.

    • Samantha

      @Forreal… We all feel for Debbie in her time of need. the same token, if she did say those things, people will remember and when her name comes up, they will talk… Ahhh, Freedom of Speech.
      That’s unavoidable on Any public forum.
      Cars hurt people and People hurt people.

  • Donna

    @ LisaI love Babcocks.i need to go back. Its been years since i have bern there and they have beautiful gifts . And you are right .the people are very appreciative grateful and friendly

  • mr. matt

    wow!! that was some deep non article reading ! there should be stricter drivers testing on the teenagers as well the elderly. not hating on yall, just tryna keep da streets a little safer cuz there are enough problems already

    • Donna

      @mr.Matt, thank you for your concern about my deep commit. I will say that iif it were you,im sure you would have to Opinionate as well. I do not wish anything bad on people but karma is for real.God sees and hears everything! Im glad everyone is ok. Im glad you see the humor in this but if it was you im sure you would have quite a deep opinion. 😊

    • Donna

      @mr.Matt, thank you for your concern about my deep commit. I will say that iif it were you,im sure you would have to Opinionate as well. I do not wish anything bad on people but karma is for real.God sees and hears everything! Im glad everyone is ok. I notice how tearful the owner was but shows no compassion for people that are being profiled because of their religion. Im sure Mr.Matt you would not feel very comfortable having someone follow you through out a store when they find out your of a unacceptable religion by them. Bottom line, you just dont ask people these kind of questions over and over. I could have really gotten ugly but i chose to be the better person. 😊

  • Donna

    Also i would like to ad that a so called’Good Christian ‘does not act in this manner. We all have one God to ancer to. God does not just recognize One religion.πŸŒπŸŒπŸ—½πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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