Car Ends Up In Hallmark Store, Barely Missing Little Girl

(Germantown, TN) A toy train may have saved a little girl from serious injury Monday morning.

Witnesses say an 85-year-old woman must have hit the gas and smashed through Debbie’s Hallmark store on Poplar Avenue near Forest Hill Irene.

The car stopped two feet short of Collierville resident Jennifer Young, who paying at the sales counter.

“All of the sudden we hear this loud crash! It was enormous!” Young said.

Normally, Young said her 3-year-old daughter would have been next to her, right where the car stopped, but instead she was playing with a train set in the rear of the store.

Young pulled the driver from the car when it began smoking.

No injuries were reported.

The owner of the store, Debbie Whidden, said she hopes to have it back open by Tuesday.


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