Meth Lab Busted As Neighborhood Kids Come Home From School

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(Memphis) Berclair homeowners are reacting with shock after a meth lab was found in their quiet, family oriented neighborhood.

As kids came home from school, they watched Memphis police piled up meth ingredients in the driveway of a home in the 4400 block of Powell Ave.

Meth labs can explode, so neighbors worried people could have been injured. Others struggled with how to explain what was happening to their children.

Tonya Devoto was helping move her mother into an apartment on Powell Ave. Thursday and got an interesting welcome from their neighbors across the street.

"We didn't get a plate of brownies or anything like that!" her mother Tammy White said. "We got a bigger surprise I guess."

Three people were put in handcuffs, busted for a meth lab found in a shed behind a house.

Stephanie Key lives across the street and said one of those arrested was the homeowner, someone she knows personally.

"I was shocked," she said. "My ex-husband worked for him building cabinets... I would have never thought that he was involved in anything like that."

The neighborhood itself is quiet. Kids walked home from school and played in yards, but standing in glaring contrast were hazmat suits and meth ingredients piled in a driveway.

"I have five children who live in this neighborhood, and I think it's just crazy!" Devoto said.

Crime tracker shows only been a handful of vandalism and simple assault reports on that street, although the Berclair area has had an ongoing meth problem.

Still, neighbors said they are shocked and saddened that something this dangerous was happening right under their noses.

"I have grand babies that I have at my apartment every day," Key said. "My daughter lives in these apartments as well. For it to be almost directly across the street, it's horribly scary."

Memphis police have not yet released the names of the three people arrested or said if any charges have been filed.


  • RBB

    Heck, I am 58yrs old and grew up in the Berclair area….That was a great neighborhood when I lived there, or at least til 1975 or so. My parents weren’t worried if I wasn’t home by the time the street lights came on, and I rode my 10 speed bike all over Memphis without any problems or fears that I would get mugged or anything of that nature….What has happened to us? I place the blame on the parents for not staying on top of who their children play with or some type of community assistance to each other…Memphis has gone to the dogs and it’s too late now to make much of a difference anymore, yet should be an example for new neighborhoods in different areas….So Sad

  • hank wesson

    When they took prayer out of schools and outlawed spanking that destroyed dicipline if I had children you better believe I will be spanking them when they disobeyed my rules and I don’t care who disagrees with me

      • canadianwhiskeygirl

        I sure hope u said that just to get someone riled up bc oh yes spankings outlawed now….spank ur child its child abuse and they go to dhs for “better” home. kid cant be whupped in school either…

      • MikeBarret

        It’s not the school’s job to “whup” your kids but you can sure tan their hide at home. They won’t take your kids away for spanking them, just don’t beat them into a bloody pulp.

    • Anon

      Last I heard, you can still pray in school as an individual. You are NOT allowed to force the whole school to pray (for obvious reasons: not everyone wants to be a believer in a non-existent diety, not everyone is a member of a christian religion, separation of church and state, just to name a few), and it really doesn’t suprise me that you don’t care who disagrees with you, as you are most likely a stick in mud, with little or no ability to do intelligent, critical thinking…ignorance is bliss, in your case.

    • Don

      I do not know a single person who has been forced to pray.
      I sure hope you don’t mind if I believe in a supreme being.
      If you do mind , you will get over it.

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