Open Carry Law And Rape Kit Money Are Out, School Vouchers Are In

(WREG-TV) It looks like the open carry law won't carry the day, neither will Mayor A C Wharton’s request for untested rape kit dollars.

But it’s a different story for school vouchers.

The Informed Sources recap a busy week in Nashville as the session winds down.

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  • jeremy

    is so sick of politicians….We seriously need to fire them all and take new steps to give them less control….our fore fathers are rolling in their graves!

  • Doug Hesson

    So,what’s the problem with problem with American citizens openly carrying firearms?
    And how does using the word “Gangbanger” denote race,as AC Wharton seems to think?
    I know three questions that should be asked of anyone opposing legal firearms ownership:
    Are YOU so mentally unbalanced that you would shoot the cashier at the local grocery store for a mistake in ringing up your order?
    If you are,why are you not being treated for your condition,instead of presuming to tell others who are not that unbalanced how they may live their lives?
    If you are NOT that unbalanced,what qualifies to to determine who is?

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