MPD: East High Lock Down Possibly Linked To Off-Campus Fight

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(Memphis) A lock down at East High School was lifted about an hour after it was put in place Friday morning.

Memphis Police responded to a report of someone(s) with a gun:

Upon arriving on the scene, officers were advised that the school was on lock-down, and there were possibly several armed males inside of the school.

A release from Shelby County Schools, however, said there was no report of a gun, but that trespassers were possibly on the property.

Memphis Police said a student told a school officer someone(s) was armed with a gun inside the school.

After a sweep of the school, neither a gun nor an intruder was found.

A spokesperson for SCS said the lock-down was a precaution and, "We take all matters of student safety very seriously."

Officers were told the report was possibly linked to an off-campus fight outside the school Thursday involving guns and a group of girls, some of whom are East High students.

Police put crime scene tape around a home across from East High after the lock-down was listed.

We're told a woman and several teenagers live in the home, and could be involved in the aggravated assault.

A male teen was put in handcuffs but later released. No charges were filed.


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