Watch Out! Shelby County Schools Cut Drivers Ed

(Shelby County) Who hasn’t run across a bad driver out on the roads these days?

When it was time for his daughter to drive, Derwin Ingram signed her up for drivers ed at school, “It was good for her, she learned a lot.”

Those lessons will now cost parents with students in Shelby County Schools.

The school board eliminated drivers ed from high schools, so now, parents will have to hire someone on their own.

Shannon Pitner runs Pitner Driving School, and even though he stands to make money from the school board’s decision, he doesn’t think it was the right one, since many people can’t afford private classes.

“I think drivers ed should be mandated for every person on the road, teenagers, everyone, ” said Pitner

Teenagers are disappointed too, admitting they need the extra help.

“Teenagers these days drive crazy, drivers ed would be a good thing. It helps them understand rules of the road,” said one teen.

Even though Ingram relied on it for his daughter, he say it’s not the end of the world.

If anything, it forces parents to step up and get involved.

“They can learn the old-fashioned way, dad get them in the car in an empty parking lot on a Sunday and teach them how to drive,” said Ingram.


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