Watch Out! Shelby County Schools Cut Drivers Ed

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(Shelby County) Who hasn't run across a bad driver out on the roads these days?

When it was time for his daughter to drive, Derwin Ingram signed her up for drivers ed at school, "It was good for her, she learned a lot."

Those lessons will now cost parents with students in Shelby County Schools.

The school board eliminated drivers ed from high schools, so now, parents will have to hire someone on their own.

Shannon Pitner runs Pitner Driving School, and even though he stands to make money from the school board's decision, he doesn't think it was the right one, since many people can't afford private classes.

"I think drivers ed should be mandated for every person on the road, teenagers, everyone, " said Pitner

Teenagers are disappointed too, admitting they need the extra help.

"Teenagers these days drive crazy, drivers ed would be a good thing. It helps them understand rules of the road," said one teen.

Even though Ingram relied on it for his daughter, he say it's not the end of the world.

If anything, it forces parents to step up and get involved.

"They can learn the old-fashioned way, dad get them in the car in an empty parking lot on a Sunday and teach them how to drive," said Ingram.


      • R. E.

        My mom had us driving around parking lots as soon as we reached 14 y/o. At 15, we learned to tear down an engine and ‘re-assemble it – properly! At 16, came the driver exam. We already knew the rules of the road & could spot a bad driver with ease. I am now 63 & never had an accident or traffic ticket. A good driver is the best example for any teen, especially if that driver is a loving MOM who teaches respect along with skills!

    • bmwjen

      It would be great for parents to teach their kids, except for the fact that several break the law and are just bad drivers. Does you kid(s) know that the left lane is for passing? Do they use blinkers? Do they know to pull over for emergency vehicles? Do they know not to use their phone while driving?

  • smith

    If I ran a driver school I would want the state to mandate that everyone should attend driver school. I learned to drive on a gravel road, its not that hard.

    • Thomas H. Evans

      How is it expensive if you taught your own child as many of us did, and is the way I learned back in the day. Perhaps they could spend that hour teaching our kids to put down their phones, get on a track or some other physical exercise so that our young people are not so over weight from sitting on their buns all day and evening playing games. They (the parents) could also weigh in on why they shouldn’t “text” while driving.

      • canadianwhiskeygirl

        Mr.Evans, I think u know majority of kids today are very bullheaded and have the I know it all attitude. todays kids wouldn’t know how to operate the cats we learned on….they would be (in awe???)…the old standard shift ON the steering wheel column. man those were the good ol days and i got a thrill a.minite driving to a 2 room school house in a population town maybe 100 where my mom took over. I still took drivers ed in ada ok.

  • Nitemare Walker

    It used to be that if you took a driver’s ed class, you would get a 20% discount on your car insurance for that driver. With a 16/18 yr old driver on your policy, anything helps. This isn’t just about a lack of parental teaching.

  • Don

    I taught my daughter to drive a 4 cylinder, 5 speed.
    The first thing I taught her was on level ground was to use get the vehicle to start rolling without the accelerator. Then show her how to feed enough gas to speed up slowly without jerking. We had a good time and she did well. I kept her in the neighborhood for awhile before we started to go out to some country roads and she started slow and worked up to the speed limit. She did well using her mirrors and and signals. I showed her how to downshift going down steep hills.
    She is over 40 and as far as I know she has had one speeding ticket.

    All of this and it only cost me a few grey hairs.

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