Authorities Stop Search For Two Men Near Watkins And Thomas

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(Shelby County) Memphis police and Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies stopped searching for two men after several hours Thursday evening.

They believed the men may have been armed.

At about 7 p.m., officers responded to a call at Goodman and Park.

When they arrived, a car with two men and two women inside left the scene and wrecked at Watkins and Thomas.

Both men ran into a wooded area nearby, and the women were questioned.

A weapon was found in the vehicle.

SCSO says the investigation is ongoing.


  • JennyJ

    There’s problems at that park all the time in Northaven. Where is the Shelby County Sheriff when you need them? They need a substation in that area because it’s too much crime over there.

  • fern a

    really we stopped the search so forget the people who live back here if the kill someone who cares as long as it is not a cop right?

  • Chalaaaa33

    Broken oak, Braden, Brandywine, North Circle needs Cops everyday not just for an hour or two. There are elderly people who needs their protection from the Gangs. I have witnessed the Sheriff sitting parked writing minor traffic tickets while shootings were going on. OOh, I guess Cops are afraid of gang members too.

  • AlexDram0g

    1 sheriff car ain’t gonna cut it that area is growing and needs a sheriff station. Penny Pantry is a crime haven alone. The owner allows drug dealers to hide, store and sell their drugs from the inside of the store. Thieves hang around the store late at night and when someone gets out of their car and go into the store, the thieves go inside their car and steal. Don’t mention the illegal gambling and weapons being stored in the blighted properties that’s someone could easily be robbed, raped or killed in. Something needs to be done in Northaven seriously

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